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Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

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So Christmas is just around the corner and my Christmas shopping is now starting to take shape but I always struggle more when buying for the men in my family than I do the women. So I decided to put together a guide full of Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life to help inspire you this Christmas.


  1. For the tech savy

Do you have a computer whiz or tech geek in your life? Someone that loves all things technological and can often be found on-line? If so how about treating them to a Yubikey. The Yubikey is a small USB-style stick that enables users to employ two-factor authentication. It involves users using their password and the Yubikey to secure logins to online sites such as Facebook, DropBox, YouTube and other popular services. So help your loved one stay safe online this Christmas with a gift they can use for years to come.

Prices range from £18-£45.



2. The sport mad one

If you have a sport mad man in your life, especially if that sport is football or rugby, then check out the range of products over at Art of Football.  They create hand crafted designs that emulate the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick of a football and as they only produce a limited number of each design your products, like any good piece of art, are exclusive and completely original. So whether you want clothing or a picture or clothing you can frame to create your own unique picture they have something for you. Prices start from £10


3.  The well groomed one

If the man in your life likes to keep his facial hair in check then how about treating him to the Braun series 3 electric razor. This razor adapts to every facial contour with the 3-flex shaver allowing them to get clean and close. It has a quick charge system and is waterproof.  Available for £29.99


4. The one with the glasses

Is there a man in your life that wears glasses? Do they often switch from one pair to another or take them off when reading or watching certain things? These glasses could be the best gift they ever receive, making you the best gift buyer ever. The Eyejusters are a unique pair of glasses that allows the wearer to adjust the magnification of the lenses whilst wearing them. This will allow them to go from reading to watching television seamlessly or from large print to small print without a problem. These glasses are not only incredibly handy they are also stylish and available in a range of colours and designs. Prices from £69


5. The one who has everything

If you have  a man in your life that seems to have everything or one of those really annoying types that treats themselves just before Christmas leaving you with nothing left to get them, then why not surprise them with candles. Yes, I said it, candles for men and not just any candles but Yankee candles. Yankee have now released candles designed specifically for men with their barbershop range. They ae stylish and smell divine with fragrances including aftershave and sandalwood. Priced at £13.99

So there you have it 5 gift ideas for them men in your life.

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