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Things To Do In Kirkby Stephen

things to do in kirkby stephen

Earlier this year we spent a week on a farm in Kirkby Stephen. We had the best time switching off from the world and enjoying precious family time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We had never been to this part of the country before as we usually stay in Lake District when we head this way. As a result we were unsure on what things to do in Kirby Stephen  and did think we might end up a little bored but we needn’t have worried as we found plenty to keep us busy.  Below I have listed some of our favourites and I hope they help you if you are planning on visiting Kirkby Stephen any time soon.


Things to do in Kirkby Stephen


Franks bridge

Franks bridge is situated just behind the main row of shops in Kirkby Stephen and is the start of a beautiful walk. You can stop by the bridge and skim stones into the river Eden, or if you are as daft as my children, get in and wade about. You can then follow the path in a circular pattern and take in the fresh air. If you stop off at the tourist information first they will give you a free walking guide that outlines things to look out for a long the way.

things to do in kirkby stephen

Train rides at the Stainmore Railway

This tiny little train station is run by volunteers and is geared up for a visitors in a museum manor where you can explore the different station rooms. At the weekends you can also jump aboard a train and have a little ride for 1/2 a mile. It cost  us £7 for the whole family (2 adults and 2 children) and we were able to ride as many times as we wanted all day long, which the boys loved. The trains are old fashioned and great conversation starters for inquisitive little minds. Our boys also got to help the conductor do the signals for the driver which they have talked about ever since. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

  things to do in kirkby stephen things to do in Kirkby stephen


Visit the old sweet shop

There is an old fashioned sweet shop on the main road that runs through Kirkby Stephen that is worth a visit, especially if you have a sweet tooth. It is only small but hey have all the old favourites and the staff are lovely. They have plenty of pocket money type sweets too so it isn’t expensive.


Smardale national park

Kirkby Stephen is surrounded by beautiful walks and stunning scenery. We ventured to the Smardale national park and walked along the path and then across a filed following the signs and hoping we wouldn’t get to lost. We found a beautiful quiet spot by a babbling brook where we stopped for some stone skimming and a picnic. We also let Buddy have a swim here which he loved. We then continued going higher up the hills, enjoying the scenery and watching the wild life roaming free (don’t worry Buddy was back on his lead) including sheep and horses. Finally we we stopped off for a drink at a lovely little pup in Nateby that had the most fantastic views before heading back. If you follow the path you can actually see the beer garden has a sign in the field and you can enter it that way, although we managed to miss this and walked the long way round and then came back this way.

This route was child friendly and easy to complete and as it looped back we didn’t need to worry about getting lost either, which is always a bonus.

things to do in kirkby stephens



things to do in Kirkby stephen


Things to do near Kirby Stephen

Kirby Stephen is not very big but if you have a car and are happy to travel a little bit you will find lots of other wonderful things to do near by. Again, here our some of our favourites.


Rutter falls Water fall

This is a must see. It is breathtakingly beautiful, however, be warned it is literally on the door step of a guest house and parking is limited, the owner of the guest house doesn’t appreciate it if you park near his gate!


things to do in Kirkby stephen


Appleby is about 20-25 minutes drive from Kirkby Stephen and is a little town that is famous for its traveler events. It is worth a visit, maybe half a day, to have a look round the shops, visit the St. Anne’s hospital, take in some history and if you have children stop off at the park too. There are also a number of cafes, pubs and restaurants although we didn’t use any so can’t give recommendations on these.


Rheged is a one stop place for family activity in Penrith. There is a wonderful castle themed play area outside that is suitable for children up to about 13. Once inside there is an array of shops, cafes and a restaurant for you to enjoy as well as an indoor play area for younger children and a model painting place where you can choose a pot to paint and take home and not forgetting their cinema too. On our visit there was also a Roald Dahl experience on the top floor where you could walk through the giant peach and enjoy numerous interactive activities from different Roald Dahl books including Matilda and the BFG.



Kendal is about 20 minutes from Kirkby Stephen and is a busier town with lots of shops, many of which you would recognise from your own nearest high street, as well as numerous supermarkets.  It’s great for a spot of retail therapy or to stock up on food if you are staying self catering in Kirkby Stephen.


Kendal Castle

Whilst in Kendal it’s nice to visit the castle ruins. There are plenty to explore and some fascinating bits of information to read whilst there. It is free to visit and the views from the top are definitely worth the walk. Again suitable for children as long as they are supervised but probably not for prams.


We hope this helps you plan things to do in Kirkby Stephen so you can make the most of your visit.

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