The strawberry fountain visited the strawberry fields.

strawberry fields - bellis brothers

The love of strawberries is not just mine but a family love, our fruit of choice on all occasions, so we decided to take our boys to the strawberry fields for some strawberry picking . Every summer my husband and I have talked about going but every year by the time we think about it its always to late in the season so this year we made a point of going early and boy was it worth it.

Living in Chester we have a few pick your owns to choose from but based on friends recommendations we chose Bellis brothers in Wrexham.


The boys (2 and 5) were really excited and to be honest so was I. We all picked our punnets and wondered off to the field, we showed the boys how to tell if the strawberries were ready for picking and then let them fill their punnets (and faces) with the most delicious strawberries.


The weather was beautiful and the boys were so excited going from one row to the next in search for the best, biggest, juiciest, reddest strawberries they could find.


I love family time and with us both working in the week and my husband working every other weekend our family time is precious so being able to enjoy activities like this that are both fun and educational (my little boy thought strawberries grew on a tree!) are brilliant, increasing the boys fruit intake is always an added bonus too.

If you haven’t visited a pick your own then I strongly recommend that you do, there is something really satisfying about choosing your own fruit and knowing that it is as fresh as fresh can be. Needless to say if your family is anything like mine you may need to have plenty of fruit recipes at hand to make use of all the fruit you bring home, we opted for some strawberry tarts, yummy.


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