All new crazy golf at Bents Garden & Home

my boys playing golf at bents garden center

Last week the boys and I were invited to play crazy golf at Bents Garden & Home to try out the new Jurassic section. We had never been to Bents Garden & Home before but I had heard about it and as it was only 30 minutes from home and both boys enjoy playing crazy golf I thought it would be a nice treat for them if we went along.  We were told that the crazy golf originally consisted of 9 holes in a pirate theme but that an additional 9 holes had been added with a dinosaur theme and as the tiddler loves dinosaurs so it seemed only fair that we go and check it out. We were also told that once we had played we could also visit the coffee shop if we liked for a little tea time treat of cake and coffee for ma and a pic nic box for each boy.


Now this all sounded great but nothing too special, a garden center, crazy golf and cake, and I guess in theory that is what we got but not on the scale I was expecting at all.


Firstly it is important to point out that Bents garden center is huge, it is most definitely the biggest garden center I have ever visited that’s for sure and as we entered I think it is safe to say all three of us were  a little taken back by the enormity of it.


What exactly does Bents Garden & Home have?

To put it in to perspective let me just outline the facilities it has so you can get an idea of the size


flowers                            sand pit for small children                         outdoor play area           crazy golf

 plants                                garden furniture                                             lake                                 outside seating 

weeping ash garden           restaurant                                                 food court and delicatessen 

two cafes                               car wash and valeting service                 Joules  clothing                Yankee candle 

beauty stalls                          book corner                                               ornaments                         and loads more       


Once we followed the signs and found the crazy golf area, which is situated outside to the left over looking the lake, we booked in, retrieved our clubs and balls, and walked onto the course. One again we were blown away. The dinosaurs that greeted us were massive, detailed, moving and making noises. Nothing at all like I expected from a garden center. In fact I would have been impressed if this was a stand alone attraction never mind one that was within a garden center. 

        crazy golf at Bents garden & home     crazy golf at Bents garden & home

We worked our way a round the course in the beautiful sunshine that we were lucky enough to have and laughed and giggled as we went. The course was suitable for all ages and although some holes were trickier then others they weren’t too hard for children to complete. I was also concerned that 18 holes would be too much for our 5 year old but he couldn’t get round it quick enough and asked if we could do it again as soon as we reached the last hole. Even when he was waiting for his brother and I to take our shots he didn’t get bored once as he was so busy taking in all the dinosaurs and once we got half way, the pirates too. 

crazy golf at Bents garden & home

crazy golf at Bents garden & home

There are 4 attractions that stood out for us on the golf course, the first was the very first dinosaur that you come across because it is simply massive and very impressive. The second was the pirate boat which you have to climb aboard to complete the hole, the third was a beautiful waterfall that is the back drop to  another hole and the fourth was a giant whale that you have to aim into in order to complete one of the holes.

crazy golf at Bents garden & home
the whale

Overall we had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend taking the children for a round of golf at Bents garden center if you can. Especially if you have a few hours free to explore the garden center in it’s entirety, enjoy browsing round the products and mini stalls,  relax with a coffee and some cake overlooking the lake and let the children play in the park or the sand pit. I will most definitely be returning soon.



12 and over                                                 £7.50

4-11                                                               £5.50

under 4                                                       £4.50

Family (2 adults, 2 children)                 £21


Opening times 

Monday – Saturday                             10am – 5pm

Sunday                                                   10am – 4:30pm


(We received a complimentary round of crazy golf at Bents Garden & home, drinks and cake in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).

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