Cinderella at the St.Helens Theatre Royal

On Saturday night we were invited to watch Cinderella at St. Helens Theatre Royal, and I think I was more excited for this one than the children were because Prince Charming is played by no other than Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps. This little nugget of information meant that the week leading up to panto day was spent with me singing various renditions of my favourite Steps songs (along with dance moves) and making bets with the children as to how many would be in the show. They thought I was crazy, or crazier than normal I should say, until the musical medley started to play and they looked at me in awe, unsure how I knew this was going to happen. Or perhaps it was more embarrassment than awe as I was singing along in my seat throwing in some classic dance moves and having the best time ever. Either way, the Steps prep payed off as I caught them singing along too, much to the amusement of other parents near by.


As well as bringing with him some classic 90’s tunes Lee Latchford-Evans also brought a passion to the role of Prince Charming that had me totally believing he had fallen in love with the beautiful Cinderella, who was played by Georgina Parkinson, who you may recognise from Blue Peter.

cinderella at st. helens

No story of Cinderella would be complete without the ugly sisters and St. Helens have made fantastic choices with Si Foster and Mark Newell, who definitely bring the laughs with their outrageous behaviour and witty one liners. Just be prepared to get serious hair and wardrobe envy with the numerous costume changes.

Cinderella at st. helens

The boys were delighted to catch sight of buttons once again, played by the very talented Lewis Devine, who they recognised from Snow White as  Muddles. Lewis plays the comedy role wonderfully and had everyone laughing from start to finish leaving my boys with a cheeky little catch phrase and bum wiggle that I am sure they will be saying for weeks to come.

We have started to realise that when visiting St. Helens it is best to expect the unexpected as no two shows are ever the same, nor are they ever boring or predictable. From 3D ghosts hunts to a real life Toto the dog, each pantomime seems to get bigger and more daring than the last. Unsurprisingly, Cinderella at St. Helens is no different with beautiful ponies pulling the carriage and I don’t mean the rather wonky donkey looking variety made from two men squeezing into one costume, I mean real Shetland ponies up on stage. Lets face it the Theatre Royal clearly live by the motto go big or go home and we can not wait to see how they top this later in the year.


Cinderella at St. Helens is a must see show that will have you laughing and singing from start to finish. It is running till Sunday 15th April, with tickets starting at just £13 you would be mad not to grab yourself some Easter fun and enjoy this step-tacular performance with all the family. Just don’t forget your outfits!


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(We were invited to watch Cinderella in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.)