Christmas gift ideas for children

This year I have decided to do a children’s gift guide instead of a girls and then a boys because quite frankly, it really annoys me when toys are aimed primarily at one gender than another and my boys are made to feel they shouldn’t choose a particular toy, book or hobby. So I have compiled a list of some of the things my boys will be receiving this year.

Smiggle back pack

Christmas is a great time to stock up on the things your children need, it doesn’t have to be all about toys and games, you can be practical too. Mine needs a new back pack and as Smiggle is really popular in his class I have opted for the Universe backpack in blue, with a robot on the front. These bags are great as they have padded adjustable shoulder straps, 4 zipped compartments, a computer compartment, dual drink sleeves and are scented, all for £33.50. This bag is also available in 4 additional colours and designs.

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls Series 2

Most people assume that dolls are for girls but both my boys are a fan of the L.O.L dolls because “their heads pop off”, pleasant I know. But regardless of the justifications they feel they need to give to society for playing with dolls the truth is that they are a sucker for a collectable item and love the element of surprise like most kids. These toys are also great for helping with the fine motor skills as well as the imaginative play as they have to build each doll themselves.

Star Wars Mini ball

Just like the dolls for girls scenario lots of people assume that star wars and footballs are for boys but I beg to differ and if you do have a fan of either or both of these then this customisable mini ball is the perfect gift. The ball comes boxed along with a pump and 5 pens so your little one can colour it in before the games begins.  There are a few designs to choose from and prices start from £10.



Project MC2 Doll

In our house we love educational toys and these MC2 dolls are not exception. They are based on the popular Netflix programme and can be played with in a similar fashion to most dolls, with bendable knees and elbows and changeable fashion accessories. However the twist is that each doll comes with a different experiment, something that offers a learning experience for example Ember comes with a fairy wing making set so that children can see how glue can be used to create something solid. With lots of dolls to collect and experiments to do your children will be learning through play for ages with these dolls.

Smiggle light

The tiddler still isn’t very good at settling at night and asks for his light to be left on. In a bid to combat this we have got him a new lamp for Christmas which shouldn’t be as bright as his main light but bright enough enough to help him settle. We have opted for this cool spilled drink design that is available in 5 different colours for £18.50.

The boys have been playing on my phone for at least a year now but it was only recently that we found out they have created a whole host of toys. As with the L.O.L dolls these toys are based on collecting them all and having the element of surprise so I know these will be a big hit on Christmas day. The tiddler is still a massive soft toy fan so he is also going to have his own teddy to cuddle up to.

Mechanical Model

If, like my children, yours love to build then this might be just the gift for them. The mechanical models by Ugears are  beautifully crafted wooden models that you can build as a family or, if over 14, on your own. They don’t require any tools or glue and all the pieces are pre cut and ready for assembly. There are lots of designs to choose from but the trams and the trains have to be the favourite in our house. These models are not only exciting to build but they also move so offer hours of fun once they have been crafted. The attention to detail is exquisite from the doors to the steering wheels, absolutely everything has been thought of. Prices start from £7.50

A personalised book

If, like us, you have a love for books then The book of everyone offer some beautiful personalised books. You can choose the design, include the name of the person and who it is from on the front and then choose inspirational quotes to fill it, or create some of your own wise words that you wish to share.

What is on your child’s Christmas list this year?

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