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During half term I had to take my car for the dreaded MOT whilst I had my two boys, 5 and 3. The mechanic said it would take about an hour so we took a walk into Chester in hunt for a pancake house that had been recommended by friends. It took us a while to find it as it’s off the main road hidden away down a quiet little street behind the hustle and bustle of the main city centre.

Its a quirky little place with all the waitresses wearing black dresses and colourful head scarves.


We were given a menu and had it explained to us, basically they serve pancakes with pretty much anything you can think of, savoury, sweet, plain or piled high the choose is yours. You can choose traditional thin pancakes or big fat American style ones loaded with toppings and ice cream.

With two boys in tow there was no other option than the American style ones piled high with toffee ice cream, fudge pieces and caramel sauce – sugar overload on a plate. Luckily I decided we could share a stack between us and I am glad I did as the portions are large but my goodness they are also delicious and I could have easily got carried away and eaten the lot myself.



The drinks menu is like you would expect to find in any café with he exception of the create your own milkshake where you choose an ice cream, a topping and a sauce and they mix it all together to produce an unbelievably delicious milkshake. Again I let the boys choose between themselves so we ended up with strawberry ice cream, chocolate chunks and chocolate sauce and I must admit it was delicious. Again the portion size is large so maybe share (or not, your choice).


I have never before been to a pancake house but let me tell you something I will definitely be going back. In fact I am already planning for what occasion I can make the excuse to go, who I can take and what I could order.


Another bonus is they do gift vouchers, when I first saw this on the wall I thought it was a  ridiculous  idea but after eating a two stack pancake and a milkshake for £10 I think this would make an awesome gift for that awkward friend or relative that has everything, I know I would be happy with a hanky panky voucher that’s for sure.

My only complaint about this place is that I only heard about it recently but when I asked the staff they said they had been open 16 months, they need to advertise more, shout it from the roof tops because these pancakes are the best I have ever eaten.


(The company did not pay for this review or gift us with pancakes in return for a review).

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