Cheap stocking filler ideas for kids

Although the main gifts go under the tree in our house there is still some really exciting about opening up the stockings. So every year I try and get a few small fun items to put in them but I try to make sure these are just cheap token gifts. If you are looking for some cheap stocking filler ideas for the kids stockings then check out this list that includes some of my favourite purchases from the last couple of years.


Candy Canes

You can normally pick up a box of 10-15 candy canes for between £1-£2. I tend to pop a couple on the tree, use a couple hooked over the glasses on our Christmas day table and pop 1 or 2 in their stockings. They are Chrismassy, fun and last the boys ages.


Chocolate coins 

Again you can normally by a bag for of chocolate coins for £1 making these really cheap stocking filler ideas as you can either pop the whole bag in or open them up and drop a couple in each stocking.

Spy glasses

What child wouldn’t want to be a secret spy? These glasses enable the wearer to see behind them and spy on unsuspected guests over Christmas. They are an absolute steal at £1.75 a pair from Party Bags and Supplies.






Dominoes are great fun no matter the age. They can be played following the ‘usual’ rules or used for  fun stack them up and knock them down games by younger children. They are a brilliant educational game that can even be played at the table between courses on Christmas day. These come in at £1.25 also from Party bags and supplies.





You can get lots of variants of slime. Noisy slime, coloured slime, scented slime, slime you make yourself. Whatever slime you opt for I am sure your children will love it., the more disgusting the better. And the best thing is slime is pretty cheap, you can pick some up for less than £1.

More expensive stocking fillers

For those that want something a little more exciting and have a bigger budget then I have hand picked these two items from Smiggle.

A new watch

This is a great idea for children who can tell the time  and are starting to be more independent but also for those that are just starting to tell the time, as it encourages them to learn whilst being fashionable.  £13 from Smiggle.



cheap stocking filler ideas



A scented hardtop pencil case

If you are looking for something a little different these scented pencil cases are great. Your child will be the envy of all their class mates with one of these and they are available in 5 different colours and designs. £15 from Smiggle.



cheap stocking filler ideas


What are your go to cheap stocking filler ideas?

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(Some of the above items were sent for inclusion in this post. All opinions are my own.)


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