Secret Sausages – The verdict is in!

secret sausages - a packet

I have two boys aged 5 and 3, both gorgeous, both monkeys. My youngest has a brilliant appetite and will eat almost everything, my eldest is fussy and reluctant to try new foods making meal times a challenge on occasion. Despite his fussy tendencies I still ensure that he eats plenty of fruit and vegetables, even if it is always the same ones, they still count.

On more than one occasion I have slipped some extra veggies into his food without him noticing, gratted carrot into the Bolognese or added leek to the mash potato but it’s not always that easy.

When I heard about the secret sausages – vegatables in disguise, my first thought as a mother was what a brilliant idea! My second thought was where do I get these? When I looked into this product a bit more I was surprised to see the reaction they had received from the Dragons over at Dragon den and knew I just had to try them for myself so I pinged over an email and within days I had some for review.


When they arrived I loved the idea of them even more as they are vegetarian, gluten free, two thirds vegetables and rice, good source of fibre and 90% less fat than normal sausages. Three of these sausages and you have hit your recommended five portions of vegatables for the day, brilliant.


When I showed the sausages to my boys the youngest loved the packaging and found the disguises very funny. When I unwrapped the packaging to discover an activity for kids he was delighted and it kept him quiet and content whilst I got on with the cooking.


The sausages do look a little different form “normal” sausages but that is usually the case with meat free food.


They were easy to cook and smelled delicious.


I gave them to the boys and both had the same reaction, they liked the taste of the inside but didn’t like the outer casing as it was too tough, chewy and made eating the sausages difficult. After picking out the middle bits of a few pieces they both eventually gave up.

I tried them myself and had to agree with the boys, I loved the taste especially the honey bee ones but the outer sausage skin does make them a bit of a pain to eat.


If you are a fan of vegetables then I would highly recommend them but if you are buying for little people then be prepared for some strange reactions to the skins.


(Thankyou to Secret sausages for supplying the sausages for a review)

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