I forgot about the nits

headrin protect and go

One of the things that seemed to come as a surprise when I became the parent of a school aged child was nits or head lice as some people call them. I seemed to have blocked those memories from my mind and when I was first presented with a head lice letter from school they all came flooding back, the memories not the nits.


When I was at school we had what we called the nit nurse, although looking back I’m sure that wasn’t her official job title.

Nit nurse wanted must be good with children and have an iron stomach. 


We used to have to queue up at the classroom door and go out into the corridor one by one to have our hair combed, if you made it back into class you were clean, if you didn’t, well if you didn’t you were infested with nits and not seen for two days. As a child I’m not sure where we thought these children went, looking back they clearly got sent home, nits and all but back then I think we thought they went home with nitty nora the nit nurse. It was quite an undignified experience and I’m not surprised they stopped it.

Nowadays at my boy’s school they don’t have a nit nurse, just eagle eyed teacher on the prowl for head scratching children and once spotted a letter is issued to all children to raise awareness that an outbreak has occurred and can all parents be extra vigilant.

The letters came once a term when the big’un started and every letter made me itch from head to toe whilst I held my breath and checked his hair and only once did we have what I thought was borderline specs of mud borderline nits and so a full scale fumigation took place. This involved nit lotion on the hair and boil washes on bed linen, towels and anything else that I thought would survive a 90 degree wash. There was no way any of those little blighters were surviving more than 30 minutes in my house.

Then last summer as I was preparing to send my baby to school (he’s my last so I can still call him my baby right?), I was introduced to a nit prevention spray by Hedrin and I can honestly say I have used it every week since September and (please don’t jinx it) neither child has had nits since. Now the big’uns class doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem but the tiddler? well holy moly mackerel I swear I get a “the nits are on the loose” letter every week. Now either this class is really unfortunate and the kids are just crawling with nits that hop from one child to another every other week or my child has an abundance of these letters stashed in his draw that he likes to bring home on a regular basis, just so he can visibly see me recoil and start scratching until the obligatory head check has been completed. Either way I am thankful I have boys that are so often covered in mud they clearly their hair doesn’t appeal to the nit family.

Every parent has their “thing”, the thing that turns their tummy and they dread and for most its a bodily fluid from one end or the other but for me, amongst other things, it has got to be nits and I am so glad that I discovered Headrin protect and go, I would highly recommend it if you fear the inevitable school pets coming home with your little one. If it’s too late and they have already nestled in and have made a nest for themselves out of your cherubs locks then check out their other  quick and easy treatments to eliminate them fast.


Disclaimer – this post took me twice as long to write due to the fact I had to keep stopping to scratch. Congratulations if you got to the end without feeling the itch!


  1. Yup, I started scratching reading that. I’ve been dreading the day my girl returns from day care with an itchy head. I didn’t realise it was something you could be proactive about.

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