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Check out the Zuru smashers series 3 Dino collectables

Over Easter the boys were sent some of the Zuru smashers series 3 Dino collectables. If you are already familiar with the zuru smashers ranges then you will know that series 1 was a sports theme with smashable sports balls and series 2 was a more gruesome series where you had to smash the eye ball to reveal the collectable. Series 3, thankfully, isn’t as disgusting as series 2 but is just as fascinating for kids as its a dinosaur theme this time.


These new toys are suitable for children from 5 years and are perfect for those that love dinosaurs or collecting things. The Zuru smashers are a really simple idea, this time are presented as orange dinosaur eggs that your child can crush, smash, or throw, in a bid to break the shell and reveal a dinosaur inside. The eggs are designed to smash in a certain way and with ease so there are no sharp edges.

zuru smashers series 3 dino

There are over 100 dinosaurs to collect including mutant, robot, and the rock-hard fossil dinos, as well as the all important ultra rare skull smashers and like with most good collectables you have no idea what is inside each egg so the element of surprise adds to the fun. If your child does get a duplicate dinosaur then fear not as you can just swap them with your mates or keep hold of them if they have high dino points as you can use them in battles to show you have the most powerful dinos of all. There really is so much potential for playing with these as well as simply collecting them.


The Zuru smashers series 3 dino collectables are available in a range of packs from £1.99 – £19.99 including….


The individual egg packets 

zuru smashers series 3 dino

The three pack

which contains two surprise eggs and one visible dinosaur, perfect if your little one wants a certain colour dino

zuru smashers series 3 dino

The 8 pack

which contains 6 surprise eggs and two visible dinosaurs from

zuru smashers series 3 dino

And the ultimate must have of the collection is the Smash Rex,

a large, sturdy dinosaur toy that can eat the eggs smashing them as they come out the other side to reveal the baby dinosaur – delightful! Oh and it has sound effects that your kids will love too. The other great thing about this is that when it’s not in use and busy pooing out dinos it can be used to store upto 50 of the collectables so need to have them all over the house.

zuru smashers series 3 dino

For me I love the fact that although there is an option to buy the big toy if your child really gets into the Zuru smashers series 3 dino range it is not a necessity in order to simply enjoy the single egg packs and be able to collect the odd dinosaur, meaning this can be great for pocket money treats or bigger birthday, Easter or Christmas type gift ideas. 


You can check out the full Zuru Smashers series 1, 2 and 3 over on their website.



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(We were gifted a selection of Zuru smashers series 3 dino toys in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).

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