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Valentines day is only two weeks away and the shops are over flowing with pink and fluffy items, heart shaped chocolates and enough candles to see us through a black out. But sometimes all these options make it harder for us to choose what to get our loved ones, to find something that they might actually appreciate, want and use without us spending too much money because lets be hones,t most people are still reeling from the Christmas blow out and the never ending January. Plus, dare I say it, Valentines day is kind of just a commercialised day with no real meaning any more, so lets not go crazy with the gifts.

I have said it time and time again what makes a gift special to me is not the amount that was spent on it but the thought that went into it. Personally I would much prefer a gift that has been bought to match my tastes than something mass produced and covered in pink paper, so I have put together a few ideas of valentines gifts that will cost you less than £20 but hopefully win you some brownie points.

If your valentine loves music then why not show them that you know that little fact about them. Show them that you know who their favourite artist is or pick someone knew from the genre that they like that you can try out together. For me it would have to be Pinks Beautiful Trauma


In the same way as the CD going to the effort of finding a book your valentine has mentioned wanting to read or buying the new release from their favourite author shows more consideration, personalisation and effort than buying the first thing you see when you walk over to the valentines section. For me it would be the third book in this series by Jojo Moyes that has just come out, Still Me



Most women love jewellery of some description and if you want to keep it in with the Valentines theme then why not opt for heart shaped pieces. Personally I prefer the understated hearts, simple, clean and small, that why they can become key pieces that you wear all year round. My favourites are these heart earrings and this 9ct gold heart ring from Jewellery box. Remember to make this more personal by choosing something they will like. Do they prefer silver or gold? Thin delicate bracelets or big chunky ones? Do they actually have their ears pierced or wear clip on ones?


Massage Oils

One of my favourite things is to indulge in a  spa day, but I doubt you will one for under £20 so the next best thing is to offer an at home spa experience. You could offer a full body massage using Indigo Herbs intimate bliss for women or Erotic spice for men. These massage oils are 100% pure essential oils and at only £6.99 per bottle it is a gift that will last a lot longer than a spa day, you could even buy one for yourself.

Face masks

Keeping in line with the at home spa you could also incorporate these lovely face mask that come with the all important hair band. There are 9 different masks to chose from in each 7th heaven super skin essentials set including the red hot sauna, the coconut cream and my favourite, the chocolate mud mask. These are available online or in store from Argos and are a real bargain this valentines day for only £7.99.






(This post contains affiliate links and some products were set to me for review in exchange to be considered for inclusion in this post. All opinions and words are my own.)

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