R.I.P Eve

“Victoria Woods dead” came the random comment from a student in college today. Victoria who? I desperately ran through all the names of all our students praying she wasn’t referring to one of them.  The confused expression on my face must have said it all as she jumped up and showed me a picture “oh you mean Eve, my goodness that is awful”. Slightly relieved it wasn’t one of my students I immediately felt saddened and shocked by the news, I had only been watching her on our telly the night before.

If you are anything like me the real name of an actor or actress wont register, you forget their “real” name as soon as you hear it and instead for ever refer to them as their on stage name. Now for many Victoria Wood is a fabulous comedian who created lots of happy memories of laughter in homes around the country for the last few decades but not in my house. In my house Victoria Wood is a dry curious bogie who has integrated into the human world and now steals the trumps of other bogies. She is the star of my three year olds favourite series and despite me thinking it may not exactly be age appropriate and doubting his ability to understand the whole concept, story line and jokes, he understand enough about bogies and poo to find Fungus the bogie man hilarious and has it on weekly if not daily.

Eve, as she is known in our house, has been a constant presence since December, her face, her voice and that curly wig always playing in the background. To think that she is no longer here fills me with a sadness that I can’t explain. I haven’t followed her career over the decades and she isn’t a personal friend, yet as I write this I feel that the world has lost yet another fantastic character who has contributed immensely to not only my entertainment but also to that of my boys.

I guess the only thing any of us can do is hope that if there is an after life that Eve and Aladdin’s genie are battling it out in a joke off.  Now that, I would love to watch.


Rest in peace Eve.


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