Personalised letters from Santa

Christmas is next month, NEXT MONTH! I have no idea how we went from summer to November so quickly but we did and now we or at least I need to start thinking about the big day itself and all the little extras that make the lead up so magical.


Every year I try and make the magic last for the whole month with advent calendars in the morning, our special book advent every evening and various trips to Christmas markets, Santas grottos and decorating the tree as a family (even if I re decorate it at night).


This year I have come across something else that seems like a wonderful idea and I will definitely be ordering one each for the boys. They are personalised letters from Santa himself (or maybe a little helper) and they contain such specific details such as name, age, friends names and achievements from the year that your child will be sure to believe that the big man in indeed watching, hey it may even help with behaviour for a week or two.

As well as the personalised letter you also get a text message, which is a great way to remind those tinkers that mum and dad have a direct line to Santa should we ever need it, all for £4.99.

You can choose from three designs and even specify your preference of  Santa Claus or Father Christmas.



There is also an options to upgrade to an activity pack for an extra £3.50 which gets you an incredible

Personalised nice list certificate

Door Hanger

Photo of Santa’s reindeer

Double sided activity sheet.

Go take a look now and create the magic for your little ones this Christmas with personalised letters

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