What not to buy your valentine

Valentines is two weeks away and many couples will be planning a romantic night in or out and showering each other with beautiful, thoughtful gifts that represent their love for each other…..or maybe not.


I asked some fellow bloggers

What was the worst gift you ever received for valentines day?

and their answers did not disappoint. So if you are reading this, here is what NOT to buy for your other half this valentines day

1). Washing up gloves!

Yes really Jayne from The mum diaries actually received a pair of washing up gloves, needles to say he is now an ex.


2). A spice rack

“A spice rack when I already had the exact same one. It was confusing more than anything as he had been in my kitchen loads so had seen it there!” Jennifer from My Mummy’s pennies


3). A blow up doll

Alex from Better together home reminds us all not to buy “funny” gifts for out teenage children, they wont thank you for it. “A build your own boyfriend thing from my mum when I was a single 17 year old. She thought it was hilarious and I cried for hours.”


4). Heart shaped hand warmers 

Victoria from The Growing mum says “Heart-shaped microwaveable hand-warmers. Thinking it was a panic buy hahaha”


5). A hoover

Hayley from the Devon Momma once received “A vacuum to clean out my car. From my husband. Who knows how much I hate cleaning. Funny enough he’s the only one who ever uses it – I think it was just an excuse to buy it for himself! Since then we no longer do gifts!”


6. Chocolate body paint

“I was only 16 at the time and mortified!! I had it on toast which probably wasn’t quite what he had in mind.” No probably not Laura from 5 Little Doves.


So there you have it, unless you want to become an ex do not buy the above items. Unless of course you know your other half is desperate for a pair washing up gloves or a car hoover!


What is the worst Valentines gift you have ever received?

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