The gift of alcohol this Christmas

When buying gifts for people I tend to go for personalised gifts but when this isn’t possible, or I’m simply not organised enough to prepare one in advance then I tend to opt for the gift of alcohol. Now obviously everyone doesn’t drink  but the majority of people in my life do enjoy the odd tipple so alcoholic gifts have saved the day on a few occasions so I thought I would put together a little list of some ideas in case you still have gifts to buy, or just fancy treating yourself this Christmas.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles

This is the perfect gift for any Gin lover. They are different, absolutely adorable and scream Christmas. They can be given as a gift at Christmas or a little bit earlier and sued to decorate the tree, imagine being able to sneak up to the tree and just down a bauble when it all gets too much. Absolutely fantastic!

Each box contains 6 well padded baubles in a variety of colours with each one filled with 5cl of 42% Pickering’s gin and cost £30 per pack

KIN Toffee Vodka, 50 cl

Know a vodka lover? then why not treat them to some sweet toffee flavoured Vodka, mix it with apple juice and lemonade and it tastes like toffee apples but be warned just because it tastes like juice doesn’t mean it’s not potent.

Bella Italia, Italian Wine Pair & Chocolate Truffles

If you are buying for more of a wine lover then this Italian wine duo with chocolates is a must. It comes in a beautiful presentation box and contains two 75cl bottles of wine, one red, one white, and a box of champagne truffles. All for only £23

Sling Shots

Perhaps your gift is more for a party animal, in which case these shots will make the perfect gift. At only £2.99 for a pack of three you could buy a few and make a lovely little gift bundle for them. Sling shots are new to the UK and are currently available in 3 different flavours, with each shot being a duo shot for the twice the flavour, twice the fun.

You n choose from Blazing cow – Butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream liqueur,

Pink’n Peachy – peach schnapps and cranberry liqueur or

B-52 – Tripple sec orange liqueur and coffee cream liqueur.

Each shot is 30ml and 16% alcohol and taste delicious.  Available from Amazon or B and M


Hopefully these alcohol gift ideas will give you a few more ideas for any last minute gifts you need to buy but always remember to drink responsibly and only buy alcoholic gifts for those over 18.


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