Fun and affordable gifts for him

gifts for him

Finding a birthday gift for him is always harder than finding a gift for her. When shopping for your boyfriend, dad or friend you can find you spend all day walking round in circles looking at items and this can be even more difficult when you don’t really have that much money to spare. While there are so many fun things to buy, they all tend to cost a small fortune – and we tend to put the whole process off until the last minute.

fun and affordable gifts for him


Try to be a bit earlier this year by having a look at these fun and affordable birthday presents. A great gift doesn’t really have to cost that much at all as long as you know what you’re looking for, and how to make their day special.


Plus, it might inspire you to surprise him with a gift even when it’s not his birthday or your anniversary; when it costs so little, it’s way easier to be spontaneous and sweet on any day of the week.


A survival kit gift for him


This one is perfect to give him as a surprise in the middle of the week – just because you’re such an awesome girlfriend. We could all need some extra help when the work week seems endless, and a survival kit should be just what he needs.


Pack a box with a new mug he can use at work, a coffee blend that’s specially made to give him that extra boost right after lunch, some homemade cookies, and a proper lunch.


This is the kind of thing that you can give together with his birthday present if he happens to have his birthday in the middle of the week – or you can give it as a surprise simply because you feel like it.


Think about other things he might need at work that will make his day a bit better. You know better than any what this might be, but he’ll be happy in any way that you did the effort.


Grooming gifts for him


Is your husband, boyfriend or friend more vain than anyone you know? Does he love to spend half an hour in front of the mirror, grooming his beard and hair? Then a grooming kit should be exactly what he needs.


While we all love to feel our best, some men seem to struggle with buying proper skin care products that go beyond a basic skin lotion. They may love to look good, but they simply don’t know how to navigate the grooming sections of the shops.


Pamper his vanity by giving him a basket filled with everything he needs to both feel and look awesome; a beard lotion, a fancy razor, a face scrub, and even some clothing items such as a self-tie bow tie and a high-quality wallet. You can add whatever else you think that he needs or would love to wear, though, so think about the kind of stuff that he’d actually use.


He might end up spending even more time in front of the mirror, but at least you’ll know that he appreciates the gift.


A camping kit for nature lovers


If your special someone has been talking about going camping for a while but doesn’t even have a thick pair of socks to keep him warm during those chilly nights, you should definitely give him a camping kit.


There’s so much you can add to this that would make the trip perfect; proper clothes for camping, cooking equipment, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, a Leatherman, etc – just keep in mind that you might also need a tent if you don’t have one. This does cost quite a bit, though, and will take your affordable gift into the high-end line of gifts instead.


Consider buying a pair of hammocks instead, if you can’t spend money on a tent right now, and plan the camping trip for a weekend when you’re certain it won’t rain.


If you’re still struggling with coming up with a proper gift, you can just try to think about his hobbies. How can you make the experience even better for him? That way, it doesn’t have to cost too much and you know that he’ll be happy.

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