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The Equazen products are a range of supplements that contain essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. These essential oils should be a vital part of our diet as they support our eye and brain function and our intake should be increased further when pregnant or breastfeeding to further support the development of our babies.

The Equazen products are great as they offer us an easy way to up our intake of these essential fatty acids because despite most of us knowing how important they are and that they can be sourced from eating the recommended two portions of fish each week, there are few families that actually manage to do this on a regular basis.


As a mum I know myself how hard it can be to make sure your children are eating everything they should be day in day out, from 5 portions of fruit and veg a day to two portions of a fish a week (and i’m not sure the chippy counts!), not to mention drinking enough milk and water and getting all the their essential vitamins they need. So knowing that daily supplements are available is a great way to put mine and other families minds at rest, especially for those who have fussy eaters or specific dietary requirements or allergies and find it even harder.


Equazen have a range of products that are suitable for the whole family these include;


Mumomega for mums to be

The Baby Range that can be taken from 6 months

Equazen+ with added Multi-Vitamins A-K, Iron and Zinc

Childrens liquid for those that don’t like capsules (lemon flavour)

Childrens chews from age 3 (strawberry flavour)

Family triple strength

Family capsules suitable from age 5


So whether you want different products for different members of the family or one product for everyone to share Equazen have got you covered. Personally I am using the Childrens liquid for both boys and have been for a few months now and although they won’t take it from a spoon as the texture is too oily for them they are more than happy to have it mixed in with some fresh orange juice and simply drink it and as soon as Layla is 6 months old she will be starting on the baby tabs too.

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