End of year teacher gift ideas

teacher gift ideas

As the end of the academic year draws to a close most parents and some children will start to think about buying their teachers a little thankyou gift to show their appreciation but the big question is what do buy for a teacher?

Some parents have more than one child and some children have more than one teacher so the gifts can easily mount up in price quickly so £10 and under is usually a good price range but it doesn’t lend itself to much in the way of inspirational gift ideas so usually teachers have a lot of the same, although I’m sure they don’t mind.

If you are looking for some inspiration before you reach for the obligatory box of maltesers and cheap bottle of wine then check out these teacher gift ideas I have put together.


Thankyou card and secret notepad

This personalised card opens up to reveal a notepad, which is  a fab gift for a teacher and one they can use for the following academic year and be constantly reminded of you and/or your child (event if they don’t want to be!). There are so many different designs to choose from and different ways to personalise them including the ability to write a lovely note inside saying such how thankful you are for everything they have done. At £7.99 by Thortful they make a fab gift for any teacher or TA.



Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? Well these luxury ones by Elizabeth Shaw are divine and definitely more a special occasion biscuit than the ordinary pack you might pick up from the supermarket. There are different flavours available but I can highly recommend the coconut and hazelnut ones. They make a great gift on their own, especially if you have a few teachers to buy for or would look lovely as part of a hamper or with some specialist tea or fancy coffee.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Lots of parents treat the the teachers to chocolates as an end of year thank you so why not make sure your selection stand out from the crowd with these Elizabeth Shaw luxury crisp chocolates or the flavoured flutes.


I’m yet to meet a teacher that doesn’t love stationery and I once worked as a teacher i really have met a lot of them so I am pretty confident in saying stationery is the perfect gift for any teacher and what better brand to turn to then Smiggle, especially if you are buying for a primary school teacher. According to my little boy his teacher is always looking for her highlighters so we have opted for these stack-able ice cream shaped highlighters and a lovely little notepad to go with them.

thankyou gifts for teachers


Aromatherapy bath salts

These aromatherapy bath salts with frankincense oil and rose petals will be a great way to say “Thankyou” and “time to relax” to your teachers this summer. These bath salts look impressive, smell amazing, and will last all summer long as only a small amount is required for each bath, meaning the teachers can come back in September nice and refreshed.


Divine Chocolate Tasting Set

If you know the teacher is a chocolate lover then this is the ultimate chocoholics gift. If you know the teacher likes chocolate but not sure what her preference then again this tasting set is a great idea. The set contains 12 mini bars of Fair trade chocolates in six fabulous flavours. My personal favourite is the milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt but the 85% dark, 70%dark with raspberries, white chocolate with strawberries, 70% dark and the milk chocolate are equally amazing.

Impulse Body mist

Impulse body sprays make a lovely gift, more so for the female teachers but you never know. They have recently brought out a new range of fragrances that all have bizarre names like burnt marshmallow and leather jacket, actually smell really nice and refreshing, perfect for the summer.  Available from superdrug, online or in store, hey are easy to pick up and work as stand alone gifts or as part of a hamper.

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