Do’s And Don’ts Of Kids Birthday Gifts

kids parties

Are you buying a birthday present for your kid or someone else’s? This can be a stressful time, especially if you’re not entirely sure what that particular child would like this year. Buying a gift can be expensive, so make sure you shop around for the best value for your money. There is new tech coming out every year, but there are some things that will never change. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should think about when buying a child a birthday present.


kids parties


Do: Toys


Kids are always going to love toys. Even though we are now in the iPad generation, toys will always be a winner for a child. Something that they can do with their hands, something that makes sounds and lights up. Even things that could be potentially messy like play-doh or paints for arts and crafts would be a good idea. The parents might not like it as much, but the kids are sure to love it. It’s just a fact that children love to get messy and do things that involve interaction with whatever they have. As well as their enjoyment, it promotes gross and fine motor skills when they play.


Don’t: Something To Look At


Don’t buy your child something to look at. By this, we mean something made of crystal that will sit on the mantelpiece that they will never touch. It’s not fun for them, and they won’t like it because they can’t play with it. Also, don’t buy your child something that they want and then not let them have it because it’s rare. If you find something rare that your child wants and you buy it for them but don’t let them have it or play with it, it’s just dangling it in front of them. They won’t thank you for it, and you will have wasted your money.


Do: Clothes


kids parties


Something that every parent will thank you for and kids love is clothes. It is very hard to go wrong with this gift. Kids grow out of things so quickly that as soon as you buy something, it seems like they need the next size up. Buying clothes for your child or someone else’s child is probably going to be a great help to them. There is an amazing variety of kids clothes, so it is unlikely that they will end up with the same thing twice. It’s not just a gift for the parents either. Kids love new clothes, they like showing off their latest fashion.


Don’t: Gift Card


We know that sometimes you just have no idea on what to get a child. They aren’t always easy, but you should never get them a gift card. They are so boring to open. Kids want to rip through wrapping paper and get to the present, but there is none of that enjoyment from a gift card. While a gift card is a go-to if you can’t find a present for an adult, it is not as appealing to kids.


We hope you find this advice useful when you are shopping for a kids birthday party. Remember, even though we are in the age of technology, going back to basics never hurt anyone.


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