Does your Hubby deserve a treat?

The focus always seems to be on women getting the treat. In our eyes, we might do a lot more, but sometimes we might take for granted how much they actually do for us. Yes, they might leave their washing right next to the washing basket. Yes, they might accidentally forget to do the dishes until it’s too late. But they’re the ones who love us endlessly, help to put food on the table, and do the small, yet sweetest of things, to keep us so madly in love with them. It’s no secret that after years of marriage, the treats might not be as frequent as when you were teenagers in love, but that doesn’t mean that the spark can’t be kept burning bright with a few treats for them every now and then. Have a read of the excellent ideas we have below, and treat your hubby this weekend!



Straight To The Stomach


To get to a man’s heart, you have to go through the stomach, so what better way to kick off this article with a bit of food for thought. Since we’re having such glorious weather at the minute, why not get them a new BBQ toy to play with. They can cook you up both a storm, while geeking out at the new piece of kit that they’ve got. This has to be one of the best gift ideas for 2018, purely because we’re having such fine weather at the minute. Hopefully it lasts long enough to get a few BBQ parties out of it! If you don’t think they’ll like the manual labour, then why not look to see if a food festival is coming to your local area! They’re dotted all over the country, and it’s such a good day out if your hubby is someone that enjoys the finer foods in life.


Gadget Lover


Some men are just big geeks. They love all of the latest tech, and even some of the old school technology that they grew up with. If your man is, then your present might be a little more expensive than you first thought. One cool idea that we think you should consider buying, is a drone. They’ve been popular for a while now, and you can get them in all shapes and sizes. If this is a bit too expensive, then you could go for something like a VR headset. You can get ones that are relatively cheap, but we guarantee if you have a gadget lover, they’ll love this.


Relaxation King


If your man is a bit on the lazy and laid back side, then there’s things that are going to suit him. If you have a recliner chair at the minute, why not take it up a level and get him a lazy boy chair. The cheapest one will set you back hundreds, but it’s the ultimate chair for the husband who likes to sit around and do nothing. In no way is this going to benefit you, it’ll actually make things a lot worse. But, it’ll make them the happiest man alive if you surprised him with this gift!


Whichever one you choose, we hope your man is happy with it!

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