Discovering my interior style with Julian Charles

Ever since we bought our new house back in 2013 we have been doing it up bit by bit. We now have two new bathrooms and a new kitchen as well as newly decorated bedrooms but we still have a few rooms left to do and no doubt as soon as we finish I will want to start at the beginning again, just don’t tell my husband.

As we have moved from room to room planning, designing and decorating I haven’t really considered what style I wanted to achieve. It has been more about finding items or colour schemes that I like and feel I can relax around and then pulling them together to get a look that I am happy with. But after recently reading an ebook about interior styles from Julian Charles I realised that there are a number of styles that you can choose from and where some people may want to achieve one style throughout their entire I home I have probably and somewhat accidently achieved a variation of styles changing from room to room.

According to Julian Charles some of the most common styles you can choose form are:


Modern Bohemian 

This is all about the Moroccan tribal vibe and usually consists of lots of colour and different patterns all thrown together in what looks like 5 minutes. It has an almost messy feel to it and if it wasn’t for the Moroccan tribal vibe I would say it sounds exactly like my sons room!


The coastal look is all about the blues and the whites and often incorporates stripes as well as many a seaside related objects. Growing up I always liked this style and vowed I would decorate my bathroom this way, as it turned out I never did but I still think if I ever bought a holiday home near the sea this is most definitely the style I would choose for it.


English Garden

The English Garden interior style is one I had never heard of but apparently it refers to a room that is all about the flowers and bringing the outside in using light colours to brighten up the room. After doing a little more research into this style I think I am becoming quite a fan and may opt to decorate the spare room with this style in mind. I think it would be a lovely room to be able to offer to guests that makes them feel happy and welcome.

After looking at all these styles and more not only do I think I have a mix throughout the house but I actually think I may have a mix within some of the rooms. The one room in my house that seems to fit most neatly into one of these styles is the master bedroom. Our bedroom seems to fit more with the Luxe style which is described as being luxurious and glamourous using lots of metals and materials. My room hosts a king size bed with metal bedframe, gold bedding and curtains and lots of throws and extra cushions, it certainly sounds like it is edging towards the luxe style if not entirely there yet. It even has the big mirrors, although in true luxe style they would be metal or glass framed mirrors not wood, so maybe I’ll think about changing them soon.

The only problem with having the Luxe style room with a really inviting looking bed is that I often find that my littlest monkey has made himself at home in there!

Did you style your house or bedroom with a specific interior style in mind or are you more like me and buy what you want and create your own style?



(This post was written in collaboration with Julian Charles, all opinions are my own.)

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