Christmas gift ideas for the ladies who have everything

I don’t know about you but I just love looking through other people’s gift guides and seeing what suggestions they have, especially when I am buying for someone who seems to have everything already. So this year I have put together a gift guide full of unusual ideas that you might not have considered but are just perfect for that special lady.



Is there a woman in your life that wears glasses? Do they often switch from one pair to another or take them off when reading or watching certain things? These glasses could be the best gift they ever receive, making you the best gift buyer ever. The Eyejusters are a unique pair of glasses that allows the wearer to adjust the magnification of the lenses whilst wearing them. This will allow them to go from reading to watching television seamlessly or from large print to small print without a problem. These glasses are not only incredibly handy they are also stylish and available in a range of colours and designs.



Braun Satin Hair 7 BR 750 Electric Hair Brush with Natural Bristles

This electric hairbrush is great for anyone with straight hair who loves to keep it looking shiny.  The iontec technology in this product is unique, where others have ions only buried in their material, the Satin Hair 7 brush actively produces them in millions and pushes them out through the little green jets. You can even hear it work with a quiet hiss. This brush will promote shine and reduce frizz and it even comes ready with batteries so your loved one will be able to use it on Christmas day.

Defensil rescue serum

If the women in your life is a fan of beauty products and moisturisers then why not treat them to this lovely rescue serum from Defensil. It is a natural dry skin rescue serum, developed in the Swiss Alps for people with dry skin living at high dry and sunny altitudes. It has been clinically proven by Swiss scientists to help lock in moisture for winter skin prone to dryness and flaking and is perfect for anyone with dry skin or who spends a lot of time out side during the winter. Perhaps your loved one if off skiing this winter if so this is a must buy gift for them to take with them.

Personalised mugs from Mclaggan

I am yet to meet a lady who doesn’t love a hot drink of some sort, whether it’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even warm water with lemon. Everyone had a drink of choice and everyone needs a mug for their drink, so why not personalise one for them. Over at Mclaggan you can choose beautiful bone china mugs in an array of designs and have them personalised with messages of love, favourite quotes or even their name and drink of choice.

Nelsons Massage oil

How about some massage oil, you could even offer them a massage too if you’re feeling really generous. Nelsons have created a whole range of products using natural ingredients that will help you feel great on the inside and the out. One of my favourite products from their range is their arnica bath and massage oil.


Zippo lighter

If your loved one really does have everything how about something a little unexpected like a lighter? Not just any lighter but a Zippo, sleek and stylish chrome candle lighter. They are even available in different patterns and colours to match the rooms in their home, like this beautiful purple floral one.

So thee you have it, a list of more unique gift ideas if the usual socks, perfumes and chocolates wont fit the bill.


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