Do your children want wheels for Christmas too?

Has your child asked for wheels this Christmas? So far every Christmas at least one of the boys has asked for an item with wheels, if not both of them. We have had requests for scooters, bikes, roller blades and even a skateboard and just when I though we had every possible option already covered and filling up the garage this year we have had a request for shoes with wheels in them. You know, because actually walking is obviously to hard!

Now I don’t really mind requests like these as it means that the boys are playing out side, getting fresh air and exercise and I much prefer that than when they are fighting each other in a make believe universe on one console or another, or though even that is preferably to the actual fighting that takes place in this house. But yes, wheels are a huge feature on most Christmas lists so I thought I would introduce you to a company that I discovered this year, Skates. They sell all kinds of bikes, scooters and yes, they even have the shoes with wheels in that my son wants and not only do they sell all these items they also have a whole host of accessories to go with them at really reasonable prices. Having had a good look through their site I noticed that they don’t just cater for children either but have products for adults including roller blades, darby boots and ice skate, which I no don’t have wheels on them but they are still pretty cool.

So if you are on the hunt for a wheely good Christmas gift (I know,  that was awful) then head over to Skates for some inspiration and if you’re quick they have a great sale on at the moment as well as offering next day delivery. Just try not to get as distracted as I did and start eyeing up the balance boards and swegways.


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