Celebrate Valentines Day with some sweet treats from Swizzels


Valentines day is just around the corner and for some couples this is the ultimate holiday, for others it goes by un noticed, I would say my husband and I are some where in the middle. We always acknowledge it, buy each other a card and a token gift or two and then usually have a nice meal at home with a movie and a bottle of wine once the kids are in bed. This is of course in part due to the fact getting a babysitter on a celebrated holiday is always tricky but more to do with the fact that I find the restaurants and pubs are too busty and commercalised on these days and I would rather go out on another, quieter, night.


The gifts we get for each other can range from a bunch or roses to a bottle of wine or perhaps some new perfume or aftershave, there is no hard or fast rule and we don’t have a set budget but we certainly don’t go mad. So when I was sent some of the Swizzels valentines gift ideas I thought they were perfect for marking the occasion in a fun way without breaking the bank.


Swizzels sweets are a well known brand that have been producing family favourites since 1928. If you are unsure of the name I bet you will still recognise some of their main sweets such as

Love hearts

Rainbow drops

and of course those double lollies.

Well Swizzels are no longer just the king of the pocket money sweets, instead they upped the anti massively with an online store so that people can buy in bulk and enjoy them for longer.

Their valentines gift ideas include  personalised tubes of the classic valentines sweet, love hearts. These cost £9.99 and contain 25 mini packets of love hearts.


Or why not treat your valentine to a trip don memory lane and indulge them with a nostalgic hamper jam packed full of all your old favourites. This one costs £7.99 and will certainly keep them going for a while with a selection that includes

Double dips                                      Rainbow drops            Parma Violets                        Fizzers 

Fruit flavoured lollies                         Love hearts                Double lollies                        Drumstick lollies

Squashies                                          Refresher bars            Refresher chews                     Drumstick chews 


With prices as low as £7.99 and so much choice available included the option to personalise the gifts these really are the perfect valentines gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, just make sure you keep them hidden from the kids unless you want to share!

For 15% off use code V15 on the Swizzels website.


(We were gifted some swizzles sweets in return for a blog post, all opinions are my own).


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