Our book advent activity

One of the activities on my Christmas activity wish list was to do the book advent for the boys and at 9:30pm on the 30th November we were finally ready. Despite me organising the books in advance and trying my best to be organised this year, me and the other half were still frantically wrapping books the night before.


No activity in our house is ever complete without a little drama and true to form we managed to run out of wrapping paper, typical. After a mini toddler like tantrum from me I realised the children probably wont count the books and I can quietly sneak in an extra three tomorrow night (or in two weeks) once I have wrapped them.


Although we have done the book advent twice before I think I am more excited about it this year for a number of reasons

  1. The eldest has been asking about it and his excitement is contagious
  2. We have bought a few new books to add to our collection and I am looking forward to reading them
  3. The tiddler is starting to enjoy stories more
  4. The eldest is getting confident with his reading and I am hoping he will read a couple of these himself.


Unlike some families I have chosen not to number the books and instead I like to let the boys pick a book each night beofre we curl up on the sofa and enjoy it as a family. Allowing the to pick a parcel each night always seems to add to the magic.


Are you doing a book advent this year?

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