Are single parents being penalised financially when it comes to days out?

are single parentfamilies penalised financially

Being raised in a single parent family I saw first hand the implications that it could have on finances, time and attention and although I do not believe it had any negative impact on my life as a child, the same can  not always be said for other children or for the single parents themselves who have to tackle every aspect of parenting alone. In today’s world we are far more aware and supportive of the variety of family sets ups that exist from single parent, to step parent, foster siblings, to same sex parents. We, as a nation, seem to be embracing the diversity of our times and encouraging people to enjoy family life what ever their set up. So why then, is the question being asked Are single parents being penalised financially when it comes to days out? Especially when statistics show that 1 in 4 UK families are single parent families.

And more importantly why is there evidence that suggests that the shocking answer to this question is yes single parents are being penalised financially when it comes to days out.


How can we be supportive of single parent families on the one hand and then expect them to pay more for a day out with their children than a two parent family who, most likely have two sets of wages or benefits coming in to the house? How can a day out for three be more expensive than a day out for 4? And why are we not questioning this more?


When this information was first brought to my attention I honestly wasn’t that convinced that it would be the case, however recently conducted research presents some pretty shocking findings. I was even more alarmed by some of the big names connected to these price differences and although it may be an over sight, a deal or a bargain that has inadvertently been negative to single parents, it is still one that hasn’t been changed.


Here are some examples of the findings, I’m sure you will agree there are so many shocking differences in price including a £49 difference for flamingo land, a well known theme park, as well as a £43 difference for the WB studio tour.

are single parents families penalised financially

The findings  clearly show that it isn’t just days out where single parents are being financially penalised but also on train journeys and holidays, with a cruise costing a single parent family an extra £2,22.50. When thought about logically this is totally madness why on earth should it cost more to receive less?

Based on these figures if a two parents family was to indulge in all the above activities and a single parent family was to the same the single parent family would spend an extra £2,904.50, which is just a shocking amount of money to be charged simply for a lifestyle choice or family circumstance.

Having looked over these statistics I am shocked that companies such as Cadburys world and Flamingo land can quite openly discriminate against single parents by deaming them ineligible to qualify for the best money saving deals and offers that they have when single parents are more likely to have less disposable income and are more likely to get in to debt. I am hopeful that this date will help to bring about change and ensure that single parents can opt for the better deals in future to prevent them getting in debt.


If you have ever been the victim of this I would love to hear about your experience and your thoughts on how it could change. #costofsingleparentliving



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