Ant was an idiot


Ant was an idiot!

There is no sugar coating it and there is no getting away from it, driving over the limit is reckless behaviour, whether is was the aftermath from the night before or whether he had a few shots with his breakfast the outcome is the same, drink driving, and drink driving is never acceptable. Based on these facts I can understand the shock and horror that some of the public are displaying at recent events. However, what I can’t understand is (some of) the nations  lack of need for factual information before they jump in with their comments. Personal, evil, vile, comments.


We do not yet know if Ant was hungover or swigging vodka at the wheel, we do not know if being over the limit was the sole reason for the crash and we do not know if his mum was even aware he was over the limit, so those attacking her really should stop too.


What we do know is that Ant has mental health issues, and although that is in no way an excuse for driving over the limit, it is a fact. Ant is fighting demons and needs professional help. He needs to be held accountable for his actions just like any other drink driver out there, of that I am not disputing, but he also needs to receive help and be given time to heal and recover, which is what the rest of the world would be allowed to do in private.

Mental health still has stigma attached to it, it still isn’t wildly accepted nor is it fully understand but one thing we do understand about mental health is that the suffering can be prolonged and heightened as a direct result of those around us and right now the jumping to conclusions, the name calling and the absolute assassination of his character is likely to be making this harder for him. Yes he is in the public eye and yes that’s a choice he made but as a nation we should stand united to show our support for him as he fights his demons and put our trust in our own judicial system that justice will be served, by them and not by us.


Ant was an idiot, he made a choice and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. But lets not all be idiots too. Ant , I for one give you my full support and I whole heartedly hope you can recover and be back where you belong side by side with Dec, entertaining the nation some time soon. Good luck.


  1. I agree. I think the media circus kicks off with something like this, people are very quick to condem and while I agree that he should be held accountable people are losing sight of the fact that he’s a man having a very public breakdown, fuelled by the public in part

    • I also totally agree with what you have said and feel that it it very easy for people to judge before they have all the facts and to also accept that we are all Hunan and mistakes are made

  2. I agree, it must be hard enough going through mental health issues, marriage breakdowns, addictions and whatever else he is going through without having everyone casting judgement. The papers that bring them up are just as quick to jump on celebrities and bring them down when times get tough. Hope he makes a full recovery and is allowed time to do so!

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