5 Effortless Ways You Can Stay In Touch With Your Mother

stay in touch

No matter how old you get, or how many children you have, you will always be someone else’s child. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a mother, it’s that the bond between you and your children is so important. It helps your kids when they have a strong connection with you, and – to be honest – it helps you as well. 


So, it’s sad when you get older, become a mother yourself, and don’t have as much time for your own mum. The bond you spent years forging slowly starts to weaken. You only begin to realise the impact this has on your mother when it starts happening to you! When your kids grow up and don’t have time for you, it’s so upsetting. With that in mind, here are some effortless ways you can stay in touch with your own mother:



Organise coffee dates

I think the best way to keep in touch with anyone is to have a schedule of sorts. It’s harder to maintain contact if you both have no idea when you’ll see each other again. So, if you live near your mother, then try and organise regular coffee dates or meals with her. Set a specific day each month where you will get together and have a nice little catchup. It could be the first Tuesday of each month – any day that’s convenient to you both. This will become a tradition; any other commitments will work around it. As a result, you both know that you have this coffee date to look forward to every month. It requires hardly any effort on your behalf as well; one day a month is all it takes. For people who don’t get to see their mums that often, this is such a smart idea. 

Send regular presents

Sending gifts to your mum is one of the simplest ways you can stay in touch and have a great relationship. It shows how much you continue to appreciate them, and they realise you haven’t forgotten they exist! This idea is excellent if you live far away from your mum and don’t get to see her that much. Or, if you’re really busy and don’t have time to talk to them as much as you like. A little gift here and there will go a long way to maintaining your connection. There are so many thoughtful mothers day gifts that you can give your mum on any day of the year. After all, who dictates when you should shower your mum with presents? Make them feel like it’s mother’s day multiple times a year by sending out flowers, gift vouchers, and anything else you think they’ll appreciate. 

Call them once a week

One phone call per week – that’s all it takes to stay in touch with your mum. The beauty of this idea is that it works for everyone. I know, some of your mums might not be technology whizzes. So, that’s why I’ve said phone call instead of a video call. If your mum does know how to work Skype or Facetime, then video calling them is just as effective. Anyway, everyone knows how to work a telephone, so there’s no excuse from either end. Give your mum a call on the weekend, and you can talk for as long as you like. Keep each other updated, so you know what’s going on in your lives. It’s such a simple gesture, it takes up a few hours out of your week. There are 24 hours in each day, you can easily spare a few of them on one day for your mum! Again, it’s like the coffee date idea, you get yourself into a routine. Soon, it will feel natural to just pick up the phone on the weekend and share a chat.

stay in touch

Invite them to stay over at least once a year

Lastly, it will make a massive difference if you invite your mum to stay with you at least once per year. It gives you both a chance to be with each other for more than just a few hours. Plus, they can stay with your kids and develop a bond with them as well. Obviously, some of you might live close to your parents, so you see your mother all the time. But, some of you may live in different countries or hours away from one another. In these instances, it helps to have something like this in place. Organise a trip for them so they can come and stay at your home for a few days. It’ll be a nice break from their normal life, and you really maintain a good relationship. Or you could do the opposite and go stay with them!

Why do you need to stay in touch with your mum?

All of these ideas will help you stay in touch with your mother. But why is this important? What difference does it make to your life? Well, it’s always good to have a relationship with your mum. They brought you into your world, so you need to appreciate them – no matter how old you are. Plus, it helps you understand what’s going on in their life and how they are. If they have any health problems, then you need to know about them. You don’t want to be one of those children who have no idea what their parent is going through until it’s too late. I know it sounds terrible, but your mum won’t be around forever. You won’t realise how much you missed her and how much you miss her wisdom until she’s gone. So, make an effort to stay in touch with her and be as close to her as possible while she’s still around. 


Hopefully, these ideas will make it easier for you to keep in contact with your mummy. If you’re lucky, then you’ll have an easier time of it because you live close to each other. But, distance isn’t an excuse to lose contact with family members! Follow these tips, and your mother-daughter bond will be stronger than ever. 


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