10 top cleaning tips for parents

I love it when my house is clean, who doesn’t? But sometimes spending hours cleaning only for it to be trashed again within 5 minutes of the kids coming home from school or from having to cook a meal in my sparkling kitchen, drives me round the bend. Finding the time to clean isn’t always easy either what with work, school runs, after school commitments, fitness classes and the odd occasion when I have a social event that isn’t linked in some way to one of the boys, so I took to social media and asked other parents what top tips they have for cleaning with children and here is what they said.


1). Georgina says that you shouldn’t leave jobs until they a re overwhelming but do them as you go along instead.


2).  Jess recommends that you put a good routine in place and that way jobs don’t seem as daunting and you can spread the big jobs out throughout the week. I always change my sheets on a Sunday and do a deep clean of the bathroom on Thursday etc. It makes keeping up with everything much easier and once you are in the routine its like second nature to do.

3). Zoe’s top tip is to clean the bathroom with antibac wipes whilst your little one is in the bath.


4). Ayse says “Get your kids to join in, don’t let them get a new toy out until the old one is away. Use music to help make it more fun too.”


5). Pete recommends that you invest in a hand held hoover as when the kids make a mess it is easier to get this out than a big hoover.

6). Charlotte’s top tip is “When you’re feeding babies in the high chair, run the hot water and washing up liquid in the sink to soak pans. When baby is fed and happy to watch you for a couple of minutes it takes seconds to wipe them down and leave them to dry! Don’t struggle if you don’t have to.”


7). If you have older children then Sarah’s advice is “Have older children who can help clean or even watch the younger child while you go and clean in another room. ”


8). According to Beth its all about the products “Buy gorgeous smelling products such as zoflora – the smell MAKES you want to clean.”


9). Lyn prefers the natural methods and suggests “Lemons are super useful for cleaning chopping boards. Just slice and rub The board down with lemon. The acid get rid of the clinging bacteria and makes them smell much better.”

and if all else fails

10). Go with Emma’s advice and hire a professional where ever possible



What are your top tips for cleaning?

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