The Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Young Children

There are many reasons why children should explore their creative side through activities such as arts and crafts, whether at home or at nursery, which is why most places offer artistic programmes for their students to pursue. This nursery in Wandsworth, for example, provides an expressive arts and design educational programme to support their students’ curiosity, exploration, and play. Here are some of the other reasons why arts and crafts are beneficial for young children.

Enhances Confidence & Self-Esteem

When children are given the opportunity to express themselves through creative mediums, they become increasingly more confident at channelling and communicating their thoughts and feelings. In other words, creativity helps children understand themselves better. What’s more, art projects often involve peer assessment and feedback which can further boost a child’s self-esteem and allows them to recognise their own accomplishments.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

It is important for children to take part in varying activities that can strengthen their fine motor skills, because these skills are required to complete the simplest of daily activities. Arts and crafts is an example of this because it involves the use of the smaller muscles in a child’s hands, fingers and wrists. As a result, these muscles become stronger, which allows children to complete other tasks more easily, from writing to tying their shoelaces.

Benefits of Arts & Crafts

Increases Patience

Perfecting a piece of art can take time, which requires patience and dedication. However, the finishing result is usually very rewarding and provides children with a sense of achievement. As a result, they learn that patience is key to success. While it can be tempting to rush certain things, taking it slow often leads to better results.

Teaches Problem Solving Skills

Creativity underpins problem solving skills, because it often requires a child to think outside the box and come up with unique ways to achieve certain goals. Strong problem-solving skills are important throughout life and can help children feel more independent and confident in their own abilities.