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Should I Encourage my Child to Learn an Instrument

Music is one of the most powerful tools and sources of pleasure that you can introduce to your child. Children who study an instrument are proven to have a greater brain capacity than others and apart from that, there’s the element of relaxation which music brings.


Anxiety, stress, and depression are all reduced through exposure to music so if you possibly can, yes, you should encourage your child to learn an instrument. This nursery in Romsey encourages children to explore music in fun and varied ways so their introduction to music is positive from the start.


When should my child have music lessons?

At what age should my child learn an instrument? This is a question often asked by parents and the truth is, there’s no right or wrong answer. For some children, 3 is the perfect age – others simply do not have the ability to concentrate for long and will do better at 6 or 7.

Your child is an individual so if you think they’re too small for one to one lessons, consider enrolling them in a fun, group session where exploration is the key and not too much focus on one instrument.

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Which instrument should my child play?

That’s largely up to your child although you must have some say in the matter for practical reasons. For example, piano might not be the best choice if you don’t have one at home. Let your child explore as many instruments as possible and see what they like best. That is a good place to begin.


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