My Palm Reading Experience With PalmistryHD

I first had my palm read at 18 and it fascinated me. I went with a couple of the girls from work and we had such a giggle. I was told that I would “be a nurse but not a normal one” and that I would “work in education with lots of computers to one side”. At the time I was planning on being a psychologist so this all sounded like utter rubbish to me, I didn’t want to teach or nurse and how can anyone tell your future by looking at your hand and asking you to pick a few cards? Simply ridiculous.

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Fast forward about 4 years and I find myself on a night shift in a psychiatric hospital with the palm reading echoing in my ears. Could this be what she meant? Nursing but not normal nursing, psychiatric nursing? hmm maybe. Fast forward another 8 years and I find myself teaching psychology in a college and, well, you guessed it, all down one side of my room was computers. Maybe not so ridiculous after all.

To this day that first reading has been the most accurate, granted it has taken years and years to prove it but out of all the readings I have had, and there have been a few, this was by far the most accurate. The one that sparked my intrigue and lead to me to have more readings done and avidly read books by numerous clairvoyants and palm readers from around the country.

Unfortunately my love for all things like this came to an abrupt end two years ago after I went on a haunted house experience and had a deeply disturbing experience with a Ouija board. One that left me swearing I would never again dabble with anything remotely like this.

Until now.

Last week I was contacted by someone who had set up a new business and thought I might be interested. It is an online palm reading app called PalmistryHD. At first I ignored the email, never again I reminded myself. But curiosity got the better of me and I read the email again, I even downloaded the app – purely for research purposes of course. I had a little look and my intrigue was sparked once again and so I decided that yeah I could have a little go.

There are two main features on PalmistryHD, palm reading and Daily horoscopes. As I hadn’t stopped reading my horoscopes after the whole Ouija board event I opted to try them first. They are so easy to access and free which is always a bonus. You simply click on horoscopes and then on your star sign  and it will give you yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. I’m not sure why you would really want yesterdays but I guess it is a good way to see if they are accurate by checking.

So to start I read yesterdays and it was all about my love life blooming and being the perfect time to pop the question, exciting but a bit irrelevant as I’m happily married so I moved on to todays. Todays says I will feel like the “Belle of the ball” and to be fair this morning I did get invited to my friends for a fancy lunch which made me smile but then it moved on to proposals again so I sneaked a peak at tomorrows. Tomorrows is all about yoga and Pilates, mindfulness and nurturing my body and soul, which I must admit feels very relevant at the moment and I am actually booked onto a yoga class at 9:20 am tomorrow, coincidence or written in the stars? I’m not sure but I do know I will be keeping the app and checking them on a regular basis now.

The other main feature is the palm reading. You can scan you hand and it will give you a free palm reading. You can then opt for a more detailed one for either £8.99 or £11.99 depending on how detailed you want it. The free reading covers  – managing expectations, thinking of yourself, fitness and health, career and money, success and happiness and love and relationships.

Despite this not being the in-depth one I found it to be quite detailed and some parts were very relevant to what is going on in my life right now and I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of it. However, it is important to note that despite the app scanning your hand the information does come through in seconds and I vey much doubt anyone can type up a full reading that quickly, so it must be pre written and in which case how can it be individualised. Yet it did feel like it was so I’m stumped, I’m also starting to get a taste for this again and can see me opting for an in-depth reading very soon.

If you fancy testing out the PalmistryHD app for free you can do so here or check out youtube for a step by step guide. I would love to hear what you make of the app in the comments below if you do try it.

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with PalmistryHD. All opinions and experiences are my own.)

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