Games night with Wonky blocks by tactic games

March 19, 2017 admin 0

This year we have started a new tradition, Saturday night is games night and the boys are loving this uninterrupted family time, especially when they are on opposing teams! We have tried out a few new games since Christmas and until now our favourites have been Seagull Splat and Junior Alias. This month we have been very lucky and have been sent a new game from Tactic games, called Wonky Blocks to try out. Wonky blocks is a […]

Top tips for a weekend break in Barcelona

March 9, 2017 admin 3

For my mums 50th birthday my brother and I decided to treat her like she treated us for our 21st’s, so we booked a surprise weekend away, just the three of us (hoorah no kids!).   After a lot of deliberation we finally agreed on Barcelona and I am so glad we did. We had the most amazing weekend, full of culture, wine and plenty of laughs. Here are my top tips for a weekend […]

The bathroom makeover

March 8, 2017 admin 0

This year is the year of hard work and house renovations and our first project was the en suite. When we moved in we were over joyed to have an en suite with a bath and although not decorated to our taste, there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it and it remained that way for three years. However, just before Christmas a pipe started to leak under the sink, which wouldn’t have been to much of […]

Flip out in Chester a mid week toddler time session

March 5, 2017 admin 5

The tiddler and I have our special Fridays together where it is just the two of us, these are becoming more and more precious as the weeks move forward as he will be starting school this September, so I try and make sure we have lots of fun. Our Fridays usually involve, swimming, trips to our favourite cafe, Chester zoo or exploring Helsby hill and the quarry but this week the weather was awful and […]

Draw out and doodle on – A games night review

February 17, 2017 admin 0

Just before Christmas we started a new family tradition, Saturday night is games night.  It brings us all together and ensures we have some quality, technology free, family fun and it has been a huge hit with the boys. A couple of weeks ago the team at Tactic games UK sent us a new game to try out, Junior Draw Out.   The minute the boys knew we had a new game to play they couldn’t […]

The year of renovations

February 12, 2017 admin 1

2017 is the year of renovations for us and where as most people would be excited by this, I am terrified. Terrifies that something won’t go to plan, terrified we could run into complications that could cost more than we have budgeted for and terrified at the thought of living in a building site with two small children. Three years ago we bought a lovely house in a nice little village and although it was […]

A Look Back at January

February 4, 2017 admin 0

It’s hard to believe that we are already in February especially as Christmas only seems two minutes ago. Yet at the same time we have managed to fit so much in to the first month of the year that when I look back at January I can’t help but smile and hope that the year continues to be as fun packed as the first month. The boys have started swimming lesson and by some miracle […]

Our new favourite past time

January 21, 2017 admin 0

The boys are at an age now where they can actually play games. They don’t always end well, the tiddler likes to win, every time, and the big un like rules, lots and lots of rules. But they like the idea of playing games and are really starting to get the concept of them so we have introduced family game night. This happens every Saturday night now and the boys have latched onto this idea […]

The 2016 bucket list – revisited

January 3, 2017 admin 0

So last January I wrote a bucket list of sorts, 17 things that I wanted to complete before 2017. But truth be told I wrote this list and then completely forgot all about it, in fact I don’t think i actually looked at it again, not once, until now. So at the risk of highlighting just how useless I am and how bloody pointless bucket lists are if you forget you ever wrote one, lets […]

Stocking fillers for boys

December 18, 2016 admin 0

Although we always put the main presents under the tree, I do love to have a few extra surprises in the stockings for the boys too. Every year I add some chocolates and some candy canes and a few small toys, but I always find it quite difficult to get toys that are reasonably priced and will entertain the boys. This year I have found a whole selection of great stocking filler ideas, here are […]