Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child

Mindfulness is a great way to develop a child’s sense of wellbeing and understanding of the world. It’s also something that both adults and children can take part in together, strengthening a bond between each other and developing skills in being resilient and decisive together.   In this guide we’ll help you explore mindfulness with your child, from the advice of this independent school in Oxford. Show them how to eat mindfully It can be […]

school trips

The Benefits of School Trips for Children

School trips are a really fun way to take children out of the confines of the classroom and test their skills in the outside world. School trips, while educational in nature, are designed to help children think outside the box and challenge them in exciting ways. Here are some more benefits to school trips from this Catholic Girls School. Allows children to work well in a team Teamwork is key to a child’s development in […]

Helpful Things You May Want to Do for Your Car

Whether you own a new or used car, there are many things you should do to ensure it stays running and working well for years to come. It can seem like a daunting task when someone first starts thinking about all the different jobs they need to perform on their car; however, the key things you need to do are quite simple.  Here is a breakdown of steps that anyone can understand! Lubricate Your Engine […]

4 Things to Consider Before Borrowing Money

No one particularly wants to be in a position where they have to borrow money but unfortunately sometimes life just happens and we need a helping hand. If that’s the case for you then rest assured it is nothing to be ashamed of. There are lots of ways you can get you hands on extra cash when you need it but some are much safer than others so please do be careful. If you are […]

Struggles Every New Parent Faces With a Newborn

You are finally a parent, and although you are excited, you’re facing challenges that you have not encountered before. You’ve got the joys of watching your child grow up before your eyes, but that has come with the difficulties of sleepless nights, too much crying, and not enough time to yourself. This article discusses some struggles every new parent faces with their newborn. Going for a Stroll/Walk Going for a stroll/walk to the store is […]

afternoon tea for two

Where To Go For Afternoon Tea In Chester

Going for an afternoon tea is one of my favourite things to do. It is perfect for any occasion and for the whole family. Over the years I have tried a few afternoon teas from bottomless prosecco’s to Italian ones and everything in between. I have tried some amazing ones and some rather disappointing ones over the years so to help you avoid wasting your money on some soggy sandwiches and cold tea I have […]

What to Consider Before Buying a Leasehold Property

Leasehold properties are still a thing unfortunately. Why unfortunately? Because 93% of respondents in a study by Propertymark said they wouldn’t buy a leasehold property again. That’s a high percentage.    Still, perhaps you’ve trawled the estate agents of West London and beyond looking for your dream home and have come to the conclusion your budget doesn’t stretch beyond a flat. While there are some freehold flats, most are leasehold, so here are some factors […]

Running End To End | 874 Miles in A Year | 9 Months In

My mum and I have just completed our ninth month of the virtual Lands End To John O’Groats running challenge. We started this on January 1st and had no idea how well we would do or if in fact we would actually complete in in time. Nine months in we are both super proud of our achievements so far, however, it is safe to say we still have no idea if we will actually complete […]

father christmas in chester

Where To See Father Christmas In Chester 2021

It may still seem like Christmas is a while off but people are already booking their favourite events. I have even been told that some Christmas venues are already fully booked, so if you do have some places in mind you may wish to get in touch with them sooner rather than later to bag your tickets. If, however, you are still looking for places where you can take your little ones to see Father […]

Bringing A Little More Of Yourself Out Through Your Jewellery

If you’re trying to build your jewellery collection, then you might find yourself mixing and matching all sorts of styles and trends, which is all well and good. However, sometimes, you want to choose pieces that fit your personality a little better and really communicate something about you. So, where can you look for inspiration that ensures you’re adding a little more of yourself to your jewellery choices?     Choose pieces that fit your […]