My Magic Pet Morphle | Review

AD Layla has recently discovered My Magic Pet Morphle, a cartoon serious on Tiny Pop. It is about a little girl named Mila and her energetic, magical red pet Morphle who can morph into anything from a sweet puppy to a giant truck or anything that Mila’s playful mind can imagine! Each episode is about Mila and Morphle helping their friends solve problems by getting creative and morphing into useful creatures, items or vehicles. It is sweet animation that will inspire pre schoolers to think about problem solving and encourage them to use their imaginations too.

My Magic Pet Morphle doesn’t just have a television series it also has a full range of toys, including some very cute plush type ones. Layla was sent a few items from the range to try out and as a huge Morphle fan she was delighted.

My Magic Pet Morphle

Morphle To Orphle Transforming Soft Toy

The Morphle to Orphle transforming soft toy is a must have for all My Magic Pet Morphle Fans as not only is it adorable and cuddly it also allows the child to make Morphle morph into Orphle themselves. This is without a doubt Layla’s favourite toy from the range and as well as clutching it tight whilst watching the show she has also insisted on taking it everywhere with her, including the park. It is 23cm tall and light weight, just the right size for toddlers. It is currently available from Amazon.

My Magic Pet Morphle

The Morphle Travel Magnetic Scribbler

The magnetic scribbler is perfect for pre schoolers to use either in the house, pram or car. The small size and light weight design means they can take it with them wherever they go and have hours of fun as they get creative and draw whatever their imagination conjures up. It also comes with three My Magic Pet Morphle character shaped stamps to help bring their pictures to life.

Layla loved playing with this and was fascinated with how you can draw and erase so quickly over and over again. She now likes to sit and watch Morphle and try and get us to draw her favourite parts for her, which at  the moment includes an ambulance! This will definitely becoming with us on our next staycation as it will be a great form of mess free entertainment on a long car journey.

The Morphle Travel Magnetic Scribble is available from Argos for £10 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

My Magic Pet Morphle

Morphle Mini Figure and Vehicle

These 2.5 inch push along moulded figures are suitable for children over the age of 2. There are several different designs  available including

Mila & Race Car Morphle,

Mila & Alicorn Morphle,

Mila & Dumper Truck Morphle,

Mila & T-Rex Morphle

and they can be purchased from The Entertainer for £6 each.

Layla was sent the racing car and the Alicorn, both of which she loves. We found that they are just the right size for toddlers and pre schoolers and that Layla can move them along the floor by herself  re creating scenes from Morphle and inventing new ones as she goes along. She also loves to race them across her room and see which one wins.

My Magic Pet Morphle

If your little one hasn’t discovered My Magic Pet Morphle yet then you can tune in on Tiny Pop on weekday evenings, they are bound to love it.

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