Ustickers saved the day and earned me some mum points


You can personalise anything and everything these days, in fact I bet there is even a website to personalise your underwear if you so desired. Not that I am complaining I’m a sucker for a personalised gift, maybe not my knickers though. Anyway, personalised items are great keepsakes and are brilliant for sharing memories and being nostalgic but they rarely have an actual use, so I was pretty impressed with myself last week when I accidentally found one.


The big’un headed off to beaver camp last weekend and as always I was the unorganised parent that left the packing till the last couple of hours before he needed to leave the house and obviously that was when i decieded to read he letter fully. The letter, which we had had for months, stated that ALL items had to be named and being the unorganised crappy mum I am I obviously didn’t have any spare name tags in the house. This wasn’t too much of a problem for anything with a tag on it as I just did my usual trick and pulled out a trusty biro and scribbled his name in it but I was a little screwed when it came to his torch, food box and first aid kit etc. Then I remembered the envelope of personalised stickers in my office.

Last Christmas I made some personalised comedy stickers on Ustickers of the boys with the intention of sticking them to peoples gifts but I forgot, as usual, and they have been living in my office ever since looking very cute but serving no actual purpose, till now. I quickly stuck a couple onto the items that needed to be labelled and sat back and smiled at my own problem solving skills. This was made even better when both boys sore the stickers and burst out laughing AND thought I had ordered them on purpose, especially for camp, earning me some pretty good “cool mum” points – who was I to spoil their illusion.

Think I might have to order some more of these little stickers, you never know when they might come in handy!

Please tell me I am not the only unorganised parent out there

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