Has Toby Carvery got what it takes to impress my family?

Having just returned from two weeks of all-inclusive food and drink it was fair to say we were all feeling our waist bands getting tighter and our energy levels a bit zapped. The food on holiday was lovely and I enjoyed salad and vegetables with every meal, along with cakes, chips and cocktails. The children however were a bit fussier, with the tiddler living on cucumber and ice cream as his staple pieces and the eldest eating his own weight in pizza and hot dogs with the odd apple thrown in to appease me. As a family we generally eat a good selection of fruit and vegetables and always enjoy our Sunday dinners but this week having just returned neither my husband or I had the energy or the inclination to cook so we decided to have one last family meal out together and remain in holiday mode until the return to work on Monday.

We enjoy eating out as a family, or at least we enjoy eating as a family and we enjoy going out as a family but sometimes picking somewhere to eat out with two small children who are full of energy can be tricky. This week we knew we wanted somewhere children friendly, with a good children’s menu (one that didn’t include pizza), and somewhere we could get a nice Sunday roast the way you only can in England. The answer was pretty obvious – a carvery.

We have visited a number of carvery’s before, some good, some not so good and some absolutely horrendous but this week we thought we would try a new one in Liverpool.

The Toby Carvery on Longman Drive has a very welcoming smart new restaurant look about it. We arrived at 3 and this I was definitely the best time as we had just missed the dinner time rush and was just finishing pudding when the tea time tribe arrived meaning no queue at all – winner.

The restaurant is nice, clean and has a relaxed feel to it and we were immediately given colouring menus and crayons for the children which assured me we had picked a family friendly restaurant, no need to scoop them up and run out the door if they dare to be children in public.

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Despite their being a menu full of delicious options all 4 of us opted for the carvery as we lusting over a Sunday roast and this one looked amazingly fresh.

My husband opted for the 4 meat roast, I had three, my eldest had the children’s sausage carvery (as close to hot dogs as I would allow) and my youngest had turkey. All the meat was fantastic and between us we had a mixture of vegetables and potatoes with not a single complaint from any of us.
The biggest hit with my eldest were the gigantic Yorkshire puddings of which he managed to devour two to my absolute astonishment in addition to his sausages and peas and pudding! For a slim Jim this boy can sure eat, another reason why the Toby Carvery is such a good choice for families.

Despite us all being jam packed full to the brim of heavenly meats and vegetables one quick look at the dessert menu and we knew we had to order, I mean it would be rue not to and this was our last day in holiday mode!
Both boys had build your own sundaes, a huge hit not just in taste but the fact they got to play with their food without being told of was pretty impressive for them. The husband and I, spoilt for choice, decided to share a Terrys chocolate orange sundae and a sticky toffee pudding. Wow to both is all I can say. My personal favourite was the sticky toffee pudding, absolutely delicious and very generous portion sizes.

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The Toby carvery was exactly what we needed, a family friendly restaurant, with a laid back atmosphere serving the most incredible Sunday roast and delicious desserts, all reasonably priced for a family budget. If you are looking to spend time as a family eating out then I would highly recommend the Toby Carvery In Speke.

We will be back……again…..and again…….and again

(The cost of this meal was covered by Toby Carvery in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own and not influenced by the establishment.)

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