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My Year of Giving

my year of giving

Usually I, like the majority of the UK, make a dozen unrealistic New Years resolutions and then, again like most people, I ditch them all by February and go back to being a cheese eating, wine drinking couch potato, so this year I’m not bothering.

Instead I have decided to commit to a year of giving. Giving money, giving my time, giving advice. This isn’t something I decided on a whim but have in fact been planning for throughout December. I have done a little research and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of weird and wonderful ways you can help others that won’t leave you emotionally or financially worse off yourself, things that could be done so easily yet we don’t think to do them.
So I am going to do them. Some will be things we already know about like donating to the food bank or volunteering at the boys beavers and others will be a tad more obscure.

For the next 12 months and hopefully forever thereafter I am going to make sure that I do at least one nice thing to help someone else for nothing in return and then I’m going to write a blog post at the end of each month telling you all what I did, how I did it and how you can get involved too. Now I appreciate some people will be reading this and thinking I’m only doing this for the attention and in some ways you are right, I am a blogger after all and we are nothing if not a little egotistical. However, the real reasons why I am going to document this is because

1) it will encourage me to do more each month and if that helps more people then that’s a good thing

2) to encourage you guys to give more too. A while ago I blogged about my experience of giving blood with NHS Blood Donation and a friend got in touch and told me how it had made her go and give blood too. Now that’s incredible, she may have saved a life from that donation and if I can encourage just one person to do an act that could benefit another then I am willing to risk looking (even more) like an attention seeker.

3) I’m trying to raise gentleman and I want them to understand gratitude, empathy and the importance of helping others where possible, so although the boys may not get involved in all the projects, they will be involved where possible.

So throughout the next year I hope to introduce you to a variety of new ideas on ways to give back and to showcase some of the smaller charities so if you have any ideas in mind then please do get in touch or tag them below so I can see what they do and how we can help.

I will also be offering some of my writing services to charities throughout the year for free, so again if you know of a charity that has a project they would like to see brought to life through an article of some sort or they have some advertising they need help with then do let me know.

Here’s to 2018 and giving back what I can, when I can.

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