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Swap the screen this Bank Holiday with Smiggle

smiggle skateboard kit

This week, 30th April – 6th May, is Screen-free week which is aimed at getting children away from their screens and interacting with the people and the world around them. As a company that is passionate about creativity, Smiggle, have decided to get incolved and are running the smiggle #swapthescreen campaign to help you help your children.

The need for campaigns like this is because research suggests that children are now less creative due to the amount of time they spend in front of screens, so the desire is to get their creative juices flowing once again.

Smiggle are trying to encourage children to get more creative this week and they are doing that by inviting you to do any of the following

1). Visit their website and download the FREE activity pack that contains a number of worksheets that can be used indoor and outdoor, such as word searches and outdoor bingo.


2). Pop into one of their stores and access the free drop in creative activities that they are running in selective shops and let them inspire your imagination and creativity.


3). Enter their competition by putting pen to paper and becoming a Smiggle designer, with an awesome prize for the winner.


4). Get out your favourite Smiggle goodies and create, play, colour and simply have fun away from the screens.


Smiggle have a number of products that can help you ditch the screen, for us it is going to include building our own mini skateboards, which knowing my boys, will end in racing them too.

smiggle skateboard kit

Followed by some more chilled out time designing our own T-shirts with these design a tee sets.


smiggle t shirt kit

And to finish the bank holiday screen free time we will work together to complete this sticker book of big ideas.

smiggle sticker book

Follow our facebook, instagram and twitter accounts for progress reports and pictures.


(The items were gifted to us from smiggle and all opinions are my own).

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