The boys are at it again

Separating the boys was the best parenting decision we ever made, or perhaps it was more that letting them share a room was the worst, I’m not sure which. Either way the recent bedroom makeovers have created a more peaceful bedtime routine and the tiddler, who turns into something resembling the hulk when he doesn’t get enough sleep, is starting to return to his normal, adorable, cheeky, little 5 year old self once again.


However, despite the room separation being great at bed times they are now trying to convince us that a shared games room will be the ideal compromise so that both bedrooms remain private and ultimately tidy whilst they have a shared room they use (trash) when their friends come over. Both me and their dad are, currently, standing our ground and saying a firm no to this idea, simply because they already take over most of the house and I can’t possibly hand over yet another room to them. But it did get me thinking…..


When they are smelly teenage boys I would rather be the mum that lets her boys hang out in the house with their mates instead of being god knows where doing god knows what but I don’t want a lounge full of sweaty teenagers, so perhaps this games room will be a goer in a couple of years and if so the attic would make the perfect space. It’s pretty big up in our attic, it’s totally out of the way so although I would know they were up there I wouldn’t actually need to see or hear them all the time and if we added in a Velux window I could de-teenage-smell it in seconds.



Now those that know us will be reading this and laughing. My children are 7 and 5, why on earth am I thinking about the teenager years already, or more accurately “if you think you will manage to wait till then you are seriously deluded” which is probably correct. The boys seem to always win in this house. They might not get to keep things the way they want, like the shared bedroom, but they some how manage to get us to allow them to try it their way after a few hundred no’s have been said just for good measure.

So with this in mind I have already started to look at loft conversions, a Velux window, and an attic staircases, just don’t tell my husband!¬† I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the prices compared to what I had self estimated plus I found these super cool Velux¬†window blinds in a Star Wars theme which the boys would love and they are black out blinds so maybe putting them up their now isn’t a totally bad idea because, you know, sleep is pretty cool too.


Hmmmm maybe they boys are right on this one and it’s time to persuade daddy now.


Wish me luck.


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