Our summer memories

summer memories

On the eve of big’un returning to school and the eve, eve, of the tiddler starting school I am sat here reflecting on our summer together. Unlike the majority of parents I am in a very fortunate position as a teacher that I can have most of the summer off with my boys and that is something that I am deeply grateful for as it hasn’t always been the case but this year I have been very lucky.

Looking back over the last 6 weeks we have certainly made the most of them and I have loved having this quality time with my boys. In fact unlike the general consensus that seems to be doing the rounds on social media I am far from celebrating the return to school but am actually disappointing that September is here already and I will loose my little dudes, not to mention return to work myself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been days I have wished to be at work, days where I would have traded my angsty, uncontrollable 4 year old and moody, “I-have-an-answer-for-everything” 7 year old for my class full of hormonal, teenage girls last thing on a Friday, there may have even been fantasies about sending the boys to boarding school but overall I have had a wonderful time.

Here are our highlights

 Family holiday to Menorca

Learning to climb at Be Boulder

Kayaking with friends       21360985_10156007508472697_218312319_n

Lots of park visits

Visiting VPX with friends

Family day at conkers


Rocket building

So many play dates



Yes it’s definitely fair to say we have had an awesome summer and I wish it could last a little longer.






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