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My year of giving April

my year of giving

For those reading this for the first time, my year of giving is a project I started in January where every month I write a post about ways I have tried to give back to my community or the wider population, without making a financial donation. The idea behind it isn’t to show off, seek approval or gratitude from others but to try and encourage myself and others to give more where possible and to highlight ways in which this can be done without giving money as we don’t always have spare cash to give.

Last month I wrote about how I gave blood and three people have since told me that my article either inspired or reminded them to make an appointment, which is absolutely fabulous and makes the my year of giving project totally worth it.


Organ Donation

This month I applied for an organ donor card, it is something that I always thought I would do but just never got round to doing. The online application took about 2 minutes of my time but the process is worth so much more than that to so many potential families. When applying on line you can opt to donate all organs or select certain ones, for my own reasons I opted for all except my eyes for now, however I can amend this if I wish at a later date.

Donating our organs after we pass is an obvious thing to do, we don’t exactly need them any more so why not let some else extend their life or improve their quality of live by giving them ours. This seemingly obvious thing however is not always straight forward and although we may think we would without a shadow of a doubt, once you’re gone you can no longer give consent and it falls to a family member to do this. Imagine being struck with the devastating blow that your partner, child, parent have died and then being asked to make a decision relatively quickly if they can re use their organs. It’s not an easy decision to make for someone else so please let you family know your wishes. Make the decision easier for them, even if it is that you don’t want to donate your organs, which is absolutely fine, let your family know, take away an agonising decision in an already heart breaking moment.

If you get a donor card your family will be old but they will still have to give consent, knowing you had a card will should make the decision easier for them as it indicates our intention to them so if you would donate your organs pleases tell your family and please sign up for a donor card today. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones what they want either, talking about organ donation now makes it easy when the time comes.




This month I have also donated my time to help our local primary school where both boys attend. They have a fantastic outside area with a pond that they can access and where looking for ways to use it that would be cost effective as well as educational. I used some of my free time to research ideas and finally came across an initiative being run by the RSPB and Aldi where they can run educational sessions in your school for free. I got in touch with them to confirm all the details and then the school finalised the bookings. I am delighted that a couple of hours of my time as resulted in every class in the school being given the chance to participate in these educational sessions and i cant wait to hear all about them.


If you have some free time you could get in touch with your local school and offer to help them in a number of ways. Or if you are good online then why not research initiatives in your area and see if you can set something up that would benefit them. Likewise, pop over to the link I found and see if there is funding left in your area too.


I can’t believe that marks the end of the fourth month of my year of giving already, where is the time going?

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