What can you do with your old clothes?

In January I had a big clear out of the boys clothes and as part of #myyearofgiving I donated them to our local community hub where they would be given to families in need. This is the first time I had donated clothes in this way, previously I would tip them or take them to a charity shop and it got me thinking, what else can you do with your old clothes instead of throwing them away? So I asked some fellow bloggers what they do and this is what they said



Louise from Pink Pear Bear fills up the charity bags that come through the door and donates them that way.


Emma from Emma Reed says “I either take them to a charity shop or to one of the charity mobile units where they weigh what you bring them and they pay you dependant on that weight. It’s not much but it’s a bit of pocket money for you and they go on to be sold at African markets to help somebody make their living.”


Louise from A strong coffee to go says ” My sister goes to South Africa once a year and visits a township. The last 2 years I have sent an old suitcase of clothes with her for People that really need them. It made the baby clothes easier to part with.”


Sinead Latham prefers to sell hers on facebook groups or ebay if they are in good condition or of high value.


Melanie from My little cheeky monkey passes hers to her sister and her sons to another little boy in her street so they can get some more wear out of them.


Vicki from Tippy tupps has a great idea ” a few friends and I used to have clothes parties, where you bring along the things you don’t want and basically swap between ourselves over a glass of wine (or two!)”


Simone from Dog Days and Delights says she sometimes sells them at nearly new events but does admit that sometimes the money made is not worth the effort put in.


Becster has a lovely idea for what she will do with her children’s clothes “I have a plan to convert the girls’ old baby clothes into a patchwork quilt for them.”


Jenna from Then there were three donates hers to the nursery as spare clothes in case a little one gets mucky.


Su from Ethan & Everlyn upcyles hers.


Debbie from My boys club gives them to her mum because she makes cushions out of old clothes.


So, if you are wondering what to do with your old clothes I hope this has given you some ideas from donating to selling and even turning them into keepsakes there is plenty more to be done with old clothes than simply throwing them away.

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