My hopes and dreams for 2016

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It’s the night before I return to my teaching job and I am sat here at my desk staring at my empty planner knowing that by the end of the week it will be full of deadlines, lesson plans, reference requests and meetings. I don’t particularly mind as I have just got a new job and I know it’s going to be demanding and exhausting but hopefully rewarding too. However it has made me realise that this year i need to work hard and play hard, live is short you need to make the most out of it. Last year was one of the best years of my life as i really embraced completing my 30before30 list and although I didn’t complete it all before my birthday i certainly had fun trying and made a real effort to book experiences and mini breaks away.

reminiscing about last year and the prospect of going back to work tomorrow has made me consider planning a new list of things I would like to complete this year so here it is.

Do you have a to do list or a bucket list at all?

1. Climb a mountain

2. Have 3 date nights away with my husband (no kids).

3. Go to the races

4. Complete a fitness challenge of some sort.

5. Have a mini holiday with friends and family

6. Return to university to progress professionally

7. Update my blog weekly

8. Take the kids to Disney land or book for next year

9. See the northern lights

10. To enjoy the great outdoors with the kids as much as possible (remove them from the technology)

11. To give blood on a regular basis

12. To start reading again

13. To make sure work does not take over my family and friend time.

14. To laugh more and make others laugh (with me not at me, preferably)

15. to make a real effort to be considerate to others and offer random acts of kindness.

16. See a west end show

17. To grab every opportunity that comes my way and say YES first instead of always saying NO followed by a lame excuse!


lets see how I get on shall we





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