My blogging highlights

This week I published a piece about how blogging is not  all free stuff and nights away  and it got me thinking about how much cool stuff I have been given for “free” (in exchange for hard work) and the opportunities that have arisen as a result of being a life style blogger.

Here are my top 5 blogging highlights

1.My children and I got to have a meal in Ginos Manchester restaurant. This was not only an all expenses paid event but my children were the reviewers and made to feel like film stars as they were filmed throughout the experience. The excitement on their faces was incredible.

2. An all expenses paid weekend to the Mains of Taymouth for my husband and I. We stayed in a two bed  cottage  with a hot tub looking out onto the highlands, it was just perfect. We also got the opportunity to take part  in a Highland Safari, Whiskey distillery tour and go horse riding.

3. An overnight stay in a youth hostel in the lake district. Not my usual choice for accommodation but one that surprised us and enabled us to have two days in the lakes whilst we did the review.

4.Funkin cocktails not only asked me to interview a famous DJ but also sent me a lovely box full of cocktails to review. This of course called for a girlie party with my friends helping me out.

5.forever living C9. I was asked to review the 9 day cleanse and as a result I then became a forever living business owner as I loved the products so much. However this did not end well and I expose the truth about forever living in this article.


I think it is safe to say that blogging has brought me a world of opportunities to explore and try products and places that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I am so grateful for this.  If you think you would love to write articles and reviews and have the time and motivation but are not sure if a full blog is for you then get in touch with me about becoming a guest blogger for the Strawberry Fountain. Or if you think you would like to start your own blog then make sure you read these top tips that I wish I had known before I started blogging.

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