My little rock star

Since a young age both my boys have had their own style, to a point this has been influenced by us and the clothes we have bought for them but they have both made their preferences known early on. The eldest loved wearing “smart shirts” and as I look back over our family pictures there are numerous snaps of him in various shirt and jean combos and still to this day he will often ask if he can wear a shirt on non uniform day and to his friends parties, although this isnt as frequent now as he prefers to be able to fling himself around in various acrobatic moves and shirts are of course restricting. The tiddler, however, has never been a shirt lover. He has and will wear them under duress for special occasions but he much prefers comfort over style and will ask to wear trackies or shorts with t shirts. These days he is even starting to request certain t-shirts and likes to have a say in what he wears. He hasn’t got a set image yet and one day it can a peppa pig tee that is in favour and the next it is skull and cross bones, it really is anyone’s guess.

When littlerockstore got in touch and asked us to review a t shirt for them I immediately thought of the tiddler and chose him a rolling stones one, which he absolutely loved, especially as it said sticky lil fingers on it!


The littlerockstore specialise in rock band  related clothing, using band names and logos for prints.  There is a lot of choice for both boys and girls with a number of items being gender neutral. There are even some that can be ordered in mummy and baby matching designs, which is just adorable.

If you are a rock family this is a must see website, or if you just want your child to have a stand out wardrobe with something a little different from the usual high street choices then it is worth a look.

The tiddler loves his t shirt and I think he looks pretty cool in it. The only thing I would say is that the designs are printed on to the T shirts, not embroidered on so make sure you read the washing instructions carefully.

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