How do you keep your home secure?

The other day I was talking to a friend about our recent renovations and how, now that our house is nearly complete and we have spent a lot of money doing it up, we are thinking of updating our home security system, to which I got the strangest response “just buy a fake kit!”.

Now this conversation went on for a while and turned into more of a debate and even now I still can understand why you would buy a fake home security system. I mean, why would you purposefully part with your hard earned cash for something you know doesn’t work? Why would you go away on holiday and trust a pretend camera or alarm system, seriously what good would that do? Surely if you went away and the neighbors thought they heard some noise but your “alarm” hadn’t gone off they would assume it was someone you had allowed to visit, check on pets, or stay whilst your away and ultimately not alert the authorities. On top of that I can not imagine that any fake system could look that realistic and as I doubt their is that much demand for them they probably all look the same, meaning any seasoned criminal will be able to tell a real home security system form a fake one from 100 feet. No thanks, you can keep your fake systems I will upgrade ours to another real one.

So, now fully convinced I was in the market for a real upgrade I started researching our options and could not believe just how many different varieties there. One particular state of the art piece of equipment caught my eye. The Panasonic Home security camera  or to be more specific the optional outdoor camera KX-HNC6OOEW, it is incredible. Not only does it do the usual but it also has a waterproof screen, built in visuals, infra red sensors and by far the most impressive bit for me, is that it has select area detection that sends alerts to your smartphone or tablet as soon as it spots any movement or trouble. So no matter where you are you know your property is safe and if needs be can see the images and alert the police yourself, incredible.


I think it is safe to say that this is top of my list for our home security upgrade. What features do you look for in home security systems?

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic).

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