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As well as having The strawberry fountain beauty and lifestyles blog I also have another, more personal, blog called the 30 before 30 mission. This blog is to track my progress on completing 30 missions before I turn 30 and to talk about my experiences along the way. I started it back in October last year when my 29th birthday was fast approaching and I was becoming increasingly aware that I would soon be 30, an actual adult, mature, responsible and “adult like” – ha who am I kidding. Anyway it got me thinking that there is so much on offer in this world and so many experiences to enjoy but a lot of people, including myself, have a tendency to put these things off because we don’t have time, money or anyone to do them with. I have two children and I got to a point where I felt guilty if I did anything for myself or spent money on myself as there is always something they want or need. I had totally lost myself and just become “mummy”, I love being a mummy but there is more to me than just that role and it suddenly hit me like a truck that I needed to do something about this and quickly, so the 30 before 30 mission was born.

There is a real mix of things on this list from stuff I have always wanted to do like go and see the northern lights (not yet completed) to things I feel are a right of passage that I some how missed out on like a girlie holiday (booked for 12th June) and going to a festival (not yet organised). I have also included some more activities that have encouraged me to look at the choices I am making with my life and how I can use my time more wisely and give back to the community so I included giving blood (completed) and volunteering (completed).

By doing this list I have really started to embrace life and make the most of all my time and grab opportunities when they come along. I still spend a lot of time with my children and always put them first but my husband and I have also started taking time out for ourselves as individuals and as a couple and in all honesty I feel our whole family are benefiting from this mission, I hope they would agree with that.

Writing the 30 before 30 mission has been a truly life enhancing project and I would encourage everyone to do something similar.



  1. I’m 30 at the end of next year and really fancy setting myself a 30 before 30 challenge, I may take inspiration from your bucket list – thanks for sharing x

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