How I chose the name for my blog

So many people ask me how I chose the name, The Strawberry Fountain, for my blog and so I thought I’d let you in on the secret.

When I first started writing my blog I knew that I wanted to talk about two things: parenting and beauty reviews (although I don’t do many beauty reviews any more), anyway, I knew that I wanted something that could cover both so names like The Parent Blogger or Beauty Unearthed were a no no. I also knew that the big plan would be to write full time and long term therefore I wanted a name that could grow with my interests and hopefully my business so names like Baby, Beauty and Me, or Mummy and Mascara were also out.


I wanted a name that was cute and girly, that didn’t give the game away (so I could change it if I wanted to) and that made people wonder what it was, hopefully enough to check it out. My favourite colours have always been pinks and purples and despite being scared of pretty much everything that flies I have always liked the look of butterflies, so delicate and pretty (as long as they don’t fly to close to me, or worse yet land on me), so I chose the name The Purple Butterfly. I liked how it could represent the evolving state of my career from hobby writer to, hopefully, full time writer and I liked how it sounded. I also thought it would enable me to come up with some nice graphics to go along side the title.


But of course it wasn’t meant to be as the website was unavailable, somebody had beaten me to it and I was back at the drawing board.


Picking a name was harder than I thought it would be, I knew what I didn’t want but what did I actually want?

I wanted an escape, somewhere that wasn’t painted blue, revolved around cars, trains or super heros, somewhere I could remind myself I was a girl despite living in a house that was over run by my boys and all their blues.


I wanted a little piece of pink in a word full of blue


The strap line came first as you can see and from there I guess the idea of a little trickle of pink like a garden fountain came to mind and then from know where The Strawberry Fountain popped in to my head. It seemed to perfectly represent this image of a small girlie space surrounded by boys that I wanted to create and after a quick search whilst holding my breath I realised the domain was available and The Strawberry Fountian could become my little piece of pink in a world full of blue.


Of course, as I’m sure all children do, my boys have managed to infiltrate this space of my life just like they have every other and I now find myself writing less and less about all things pink and girlie and more and more about the boys, the things they like and the places we go. But I write it all in my very pink office, so I guess that’s okay!


If you have a blog or a business I would love to know how you came up with your names.